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Bucharest Buildings Romania

Key Architecture Developments in Romania, Eastern Europe

Bucharest Architecture

Major Building Projects, alphabetical:

Dorobanti Tower
Zaha Hadid Architects
Dorobanti Tower
picture from architects

Bucharest Tower

Former Ford Factory Redevelopment
Squire and Partners
for Global Finance Real Estate

House, Voluntary Village
S.C. PRODID s.r.l.

Lake House

Victoria Palace extension : HQ of the Romanian Government
de Architekten Cie.
Victoria Palace Romania
picture from architects

Romanian building

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Architecture in Romania

Romanian Architecture Designs – chronological list

Parliament Palace, Bucharest

Built for Nicolae Ceausescu
Reputedly the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon

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Russian Architecture

România is a sovereign state located in Southeastern Europe. It borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. It has an area of 238,397 square kilometres (92,046 sq mi) and a temperate-continental climate. With almost 20 million inhabitants, the country is the seventh most populous member state of the European Union. Its capital and largest city, Bucharest, is the sixth-largest city in the EU, with 1,883,425 inhabitants as of 2011.

The River Danube, Europe’s second-longest river, rises in Germany and flows in a general southeast direction, coursing through ten countries before emptying into Romania’s Danube Delta. The Carpathian Mountains, which cross Romania from the north to the southwest, include Moldoveanu, at 2,544 m (8,346 ft).
source: Romania

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Bucharest Buildings

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