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Prague Modern Buildings

Prague Functionalism

15 Mar 2013

Modernist Architecture in the Czech Republic

Prague New Town water tower (1495), rebuilt in 1591 and 1648, with baroque bulb roof. Functionalist annex (1928-1934) of the Manes Association of Fine Artists (restaurant, club rooms, showroom and offices), by architect Otakar Novotný, project was supported by president T.G. Masaryk. Built in place of the former medieval river mill:
Prague New Town water tower
photograph © Ivan Andera

Functionalist villa, plenty of which are spread around Czech Republic:
Functionalist villa Prague
photograph © Ivan Andera

Modern Movement buildings – scanned photos from 1991, by architect adrian welch

Prague has a Modernist architecture estate in a similar way that Stuttgart has its Weissenhofsiedlung:

Prague Modern Building Prague Modernist Building Prague Modern Architecture Prague Modernist Architecture

Modern Movement building Prague Modern building Prague Modern Movement building Prague Modern Movement building Prague
photos © Adrian Welch

House by Mart Stam:
House by Mart Stam House by Mart Stam
photos © Adrian Welch

House by Adolf Loos:
modern Prague house
photo © Adrian Welch
World-famous modern Prague house


Prague Cubist architecture:
Prague Cubist architecture
photo © Adrian Welch

Prague Architecture
Czech National Library
image from architect

Prague Architectural Tours : Building Walks in the Czech Republic by e-architect
Adolf Loos building in Prague
photo : Martin Polak

Hotel Josef Prague – Eva Jiricna Architects
Hotel Josef Prague
Hotel Josef Prague – images from Eva Jiricna Architects

Modern Czech architecture : Tugendhat Villa, Brno, not far from Prague to the south:
Tugendhat Villa Brno
photo © AW

Prague Buildings – Modern Architecture: Photos © Adrian Welch

Czech Bridge

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