House in Felgueiras

House in Felgueiras, Contemporary Portugal Building, Portuguese Real Estate Architecture, Photography

House in Felgueiras

Modern Home in Portugal – design by AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos

23 Oct 2017

House in Felgueiras

Design: AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos Associados Lda

Location: Felgueiras, Portugal

House in Felgueiras

House in Felgueiras

A residential building for a small family, with two floors.

House in Felgueiras

In Level 0 develop if social spaces with a strong relation with the outside; on the upper level we have
installed the private spaces, three bedrooms and one office.

House in Felgueiras

House in Felgueiras

On the upper floor the application of a vertical wood structure keeps the interior protected from the

House in Felgueiras

The layout of the interior spaces was influenced by the sun direction and these spaces are strategically
located to take advantage of the available views.

House in Felgueiras

The building appears parallel to the existing stree, open up the Northeast and close to the street in
order to ensure privacy to the common areas of the house.

House in Felgueiras House in Felgueiras

House in Felgueiras – Building Information

Architects: AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos Associados Lda
Location: Felgueiras, Portugal
Project Architects: Mário Sequeira, Alfredo Machado
Project Team: Pedro Soares, Fátima Barroso, Jorge Vilela
Structural Engineer: Engº Carlos Alves
Site Area: 800 sqm
Project Area: 450 sqm
Project Year: 2014

House in Felgueiras

Photography: Hugo Delgado | WAPA

About AZO Sequeira Architects Associates
AZO Sequeira Architects Associates is a full-service architecture and planning studio with a widely experience in project
development, details and management, as also the monitoring of the work.

This studio has accomplished projects and constructions in every field, ranging from health, industrial and services
industry to housing, hotels and retail. Our main strategy is to develop projects in the national market  and, over the years, we have consolidated an international status, due to our contemporary, innovative and creative approach.

With a more and more competitive market, it was necessary to develop a more versatile working process that would
allow us to respond to every challenge with effectiveness, consistency and vanguard.

The basis of our credibility in the market is making the deadlines and, therefore, the main reason of our success.
Our team is composed by architects  dedicated  to  rendering, so that our clients can be active participants
through all the project process development.

We want every project to be creative and, through its integration, to endure, reaching a level of a pure and functional work of art.

House in Felgueiras

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Photography: AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos Associados Lda