House Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere, Labruge, Vila do Conde

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Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere, Portugal

Residence in Portugal – design by AUZprojekt

26 Aug 2009

House Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere

Labruge – Vila do Conde

Design: AUZprojekt

Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Portugal
photos : AUZprojekt

The kitchen and social area were placed on top to enjoy the sea view (and the light reflecting), the bedroom, of the only permanent inhabitant, is a bunk bed placed at the attic (even more horizon), which liberates the ground level for versatility, dragging walls. It can be almost everything, in contact with the ground which wanted to be a dune.

The project is this peculiar research, free from general thought which no longer serves (to think). After all, this is a home to an immigrant, which sometimes can get friends or family.

Alignments, fence and height are defined by the adjacent building, only balconies dispense area, by twisting the figure set in the fourth model. Construction (image found) is a rock, where elements come to loose materials brought by the waves. In surprising logic of debris on the sand.

Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere
photos : AUZprojekt

AUZprojekt – Jorge Lapa, José Macedo e Pedro Santos

House Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere
Rua Carvalhosa, 36
Labruge – Vila do Conde

The project is from 2006 and first phase of construction finished on December 2008.

Home Dr. Reginaldo Spenciere images / information from AUZprojekt


Location:Rua Carvalhosa, Labruge, Vila do Conde, Portugal ‘

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