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Polish Competition : Winning Design

European Solidarity Center Building in Gdansk, Poland – by FORT Architects

9 Jan 2008

European Solidarity Center Winning Design

Design: FORT Architects

New Building in Gdansk

As announced on our Polish Architecture page in December FORT Architects won First prize in the International Architectural Competition for the European Solidarity Center Building: we now feature a full set of competition panels.

European Solidarity Center European Solidarity Center European Solidarity Center

Polish Solidarity Centre Competition, Gdansk
Winner: FORT Architects, Poland
Entries: 62
Announced Dec 2007
Prize: £70,000
2nd: Gray International and Stelmach i Partnerzy, Poland
3rd: Arkitema, Denmark


Prior to starting design work, it was necessary to list all features the building should have. Namely, it should reflect the essence of Solidarity and at the same time appeal to the young evoking interest, not only in the history of Solidarity, but also in its currently valid ideals.

In our opinion, extreme simplicity, which characterised the aims and methods of the Solidarity movement, should be the governing design principle. The architectural design is based upon evenly distributed parallel walls. The walls are bare and uncomplex, disposed of unnecessary details, having a crude, rusty corten steel finishing, which supports the principal of simplicity.

European Solidarity Center European Solidarity Center European Solidarity Center

Steel walls, as a dominant design element, seem to be in motion. The first one cracks in half and leans forward. The others follow suit. The sense of dynamism of the historical change is achieved through slanting, rhythmically repetitive directions determined by the surfaces of the walls. The record of this historical change is to be found in the spaces of the building itself.

The main ideological principles of the design are conspicuous through the absence of excessive, redundant elements. Simplicity, as the main governing element of the design, is as obvious as once were the demands of the shipyard workers. Accessibility of the symbolic message conveyed by the building is one of the most important features of the design.

European Solidarity Center : more details

European Solidarity Center Poland
image from architect

FORT Architects, ul. Grunwaldzka 212, 80-266 Gdansk, Poland

European Solidarity Center Building in Gdansk images / information from FORT Architects

Location:Gdansk, Poland ‘

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Polish Solidarity Centre Competition 3rd place : Arkitema
European Solidarity Center
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Polish Solidarity Centre Competition entry : Town Planning Design & Architecture
European Solidarity Center Gdansk
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