Cube-2-box House in Myslowice

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Cube-2-box House

Contemporary Myslowice Development, Poland – design by Zalewski Architecture Group

2 Dec 2015

Cube-2-box house in Mysłowice

Design: Zalewski Architecture Group

Redevelopment of a small single-family house from the 1970s located in Mysłowice, Poland. The main aim of the project was to increase the usable area of the house and improve building standards and still remain within Investors’ limited budget.

Cube-2 Box House

One of the principal objectives of the project was to reorganize the functional system of the house, both the interior and the surrounding space. The concept assumed location of the entrance directly from the street (the previous entrance to the house was located behind the building) that allowed to free an attractive recreational garden space.

Cube-2 Box House

Cube-2 Box House

Cube-2 Box House

Rebuilding of the existing “house cube” was designed as adding two additional smaller cubes, placed on the existing one. The lower cube contains an entrance hall, a porch and a living room area acting as extension of the daily zone while the upper cube contains a bedroom and a spacious bathroom. Placing the cubes on a previously prepared foundation pillars reinforces the impression of separation of volumes from the ground. The assumption was also to articulate compositional elements added within the building – bright white cubes contrast with retained in gray existing parts.

Cube-2 Box House

Cube-2-box House in Myslowice – Building Information

Project name: Cube-2-box house
Architects: Krzysztof Zalewski, Adam Gil, Paweł Zalewski
Location: Mysłowice, Poland
Realization time: 2014
Usable area: before 151 m2, after rebuiding 193 sqm
Building area: before 90 m2, after rebuiding 117 sqm
Plot area: 525 sqm

Cube-2 Box House

Cube-2 Box House

Cube-2 Box House

Photographer: Tomasz Zakrzewski

Cube-2-box House in Myslowice images / information from Zalewski Architecture Group

Location:Mysłowice, Poland ‘

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