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Polish Eco House : Residential Development Poland

New Sustainable Residence Poland – design by Peter Kuczia, architect

22 Feb 2010


Architect: Peter Kuczia

Sustainable Property in Poland

This very cost-effective green house blends – like a chameleon – with its surroundings. Colourful planks within the timber exterior facade of the house reflect the tones of the landscape.


The window reveals, clad in fibre cement, frame images of the countryside. Analogical to the most creatures, the building is outside symmetrical, although the internal zones are arranged asymmetrically according to function.

CO2-SAVER House Poland

The built form is designed to optimize the absorbance of solar energy. Approximately 80% of the building envelope is facing toward the sun. The single storey living space on the ground floor is externally clad with untreated larch boarding. Solar energy is gained there by the set-in glazed patio.

Eco House Poland

Solar collection panels are located on the roof and a photovoltaic system is planed for the future. The dark facade of the “black box”, a three storey structure clad with charcoal coloured fibre cement panels, is warmed by the sun, reducing heat loss to the environment. The passive and active solar energy concepts and a high standard of thermal insulation are enhanced by a ventilation plant with thermal recovery system.

CO2-SAVER House Poland CO2-SAVER House Laka CO2-SAVER House Silesia CO2-SAVER House design

The design of the project was determinate by the twin goals of low life cycle costs and a reduction in construction costs. All details are simple, but well thought out. The house did not cost more than a conventional one in Poland. Cost-saving were made by the application of traditional building techniques and the use of local materials and recycled building elements.

Sustainable home design features:
Building structure:
– compact lyout and optimized percentage outer surface / cubature and optimized orientation towards the sun.
Building materials:
– natural and close to home (short transport routes), partly recycle building materials and recyclable building materials, traditional timber cladding (larch) with no chemical treatment and very low embodied energy, easy to repair / replace, severable and recyclable.
Passive solar systems:
– green home and “black box” for passive solar energy harness with high thermal mass materials inside, thermal zoning and stack effect.
Active solar systems:
– solar heater and photovoltaic.
Very high thermal insulation:
– no heat bridges and windproof and additional thermal insulation of window frames.
Green Roof with extensive vegetation and loam walls for natural climate regulation inside.
Ventilation with green energy recovery and intelligent building control systems.

Sustainable house Sustainable Polish house Sustainable house design
photos : Peter Kuczia

CO2-SAVER House – Building Information

Architect: Peter Kuczia
Completion: 2009
Location: Piotra Skargi 31, 43-241 Laka (by Pszczyna), Poland
Site Area: 2,000 sqm
Building Area: 175 sqm
Awards: 1st PRIZE in competition of the Union of Polish Architects
1st PRIZE – Eternit Best Façade Competition
FINALIST: Best Houses of The Last 25 years in Poland
SHORTLISTED: HOUSE OF THE YEAR AWARD – World Architecture News (London)

Photographs: Tomek Pikula

CO2-SAVER House images / information from Peter Kuczia architect

Location: Piotra Skargi 31, 43-241 Laka, Poland

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