Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center in The Philippines

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center, Architecture in The Philippines, Building, Images

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center in The Philippines

Health Centre in South East Asia – design by CAZA

Nov 11, 2016

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

Design: CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects)

Location: Baler, Philippines

CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects) Announces Construction of First Joint Hospital and Trauma Care Center in Baler, Philippines

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

Revolutionary $8M (USD) Project Will Transform Healthcare for the Country, Transform Modular Medical Design Globally

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects), a Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm with offices in Bogotá, Colombia; Lima, Peru; and Manila, Philippines, is pleased to announce their first healthcare design project: a hybrid hospital and trauma center prototype located in rural Baler, Philippines. The Hospital, which will be named the Ospital Pacifica de Juan and Juana Angara, is scheduled to begin construction in December 2016, with an anticipated completion date of March 2018. This will be the first combined General Hospital and Trauma Care Center in the country, and will drastically improve the medical support to this remote area of the Philippines.

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

The pragmatic yet futuristic project was conceived and funded by Dr. Ed Corpus Jr. and Baler-native Senator Edgardo Javier Angara to address the increasing healthcare and trauma care needs of the coastal town’s fast-growing local and tourist community. With a daily patient capacity of 75, the 6,120 square-meter building will host myriad patient services, including maternity wards, imaging, operating rooms, a chapel, and a café. The Hospital will also offer patients a therapeutic presence of nature, as the luscious exterior landscape of Baler permeates the facility through a series of undulating canopies that create an architectural figure in an open field of green. Combined with porous exterior edges, relationships between the departments and the exterior are both efficient and intimate.

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

Designed for adaptable modularity and operational growth, the hospital’s architecture, space, and program are planned around a 9×9 meter grid that accommodates a 3×3 meter room module, providing the flexibility to form a variety of different arrangements for patient and examination rooms. A central, integrated spine efficiently circulates staff and medical supplies from trauma center to general hospital, creating a centralized service delivery mechanism that is complimented by a strong iconic portico around the hospital perimeter. A series of courtyard gardens, located within each of the hospital’s four main zones, ensure that all spaces are filled with natural light, animating spaces and bringing users closer to nature.

As a prototype design, the hospital will be prefabricated and repeatable for other rural regions with similar health and trauma care needs. Its contextual design can be adapted to other environments through customized external presence and public spaces in response to specific local conditions. A project that is simultaneously modular, and contextual, CAZA’s hospital design aligns with the firm’s goals on a global scale: to provide rural regions worldwide with revolutionarily convenient access to critical healthcare.

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center – Building Information

Date of Groundbreaking: December 1, 2016
Anticipated Completion Date: March 2018
Budget: $8 Million USD
Square Footage: 6,120 sqm
Key Figures: Senator Edgaro Javier Angara, Lead Sponsor, Carlos Arnaiz, Project Architect, Dr. Ed Corpus Jr., Project Founder
General Hospital + Trauma Center Departments: Operating Rooms, Imaging, Trauma Bay, Maternity, Physical Therapy, Administration, In-Patient
Daily Patient Capacity (75): Patient rooms (27), Maternity wards (6), Imaging (20), Operating Rooms and Trauma Wards (22)
Additional Building Features: Integrated Spine, Chapel, Five Courtyards, Spiral Staircase, Public Canopy, Hollow Brick Façade, Double-Height Lobby

Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center

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Location:Baler, Philippines ‘

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Baler Hospital and Trauma Care Center in The Philippines

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