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8 Feb 2019
Casa Topo, Cieneguilla, Lima
Design: Arq. Martin Dulanto Sangalli
Casa Topo in Cieneguilla Lima
photograph : Juan Solano

New Home in Cieneguilla, Lima
This new Peruvian residential project is designed with the premise of minimizing its impact on the environment, looking for the residence to be perceived smaller than it actually is.

19 Oct 2017
Ave House, Cerro Azul, Lima
Design: Arq. Martin Dulanto Sangalli
Ave House
photo : Juan Solano

AVE House, Lima
A white box, a habitat platform and the space generated between both elements, composes this project.

13 Jun 2017

Casa A

, south of Lima
Design: BORDE Arquitectos
Casa A in Lima
photography: Roberto Zamalloa

Casa A, Lima
A beach house for a family with three children. The land clearly laid out 2 axes so we made 2 wings.

7 Jun 2017
Casa Lapa, Pucusana, Lima, Perú
Design: Arq. Martin Dulanto Sangalli
Casa Lapa
photo : Juan Solano

Casa Lapa, Lima
The Project´s basic idea was to have minimum impact in the natural setting. Having this in mind we planed the house to be felt smaller than what it really is.

6 Mar 2017
Memory House in Sur, Asia, Lima
Design: Chetecortes Architects
Memory House
photograph : Nadia Riva

Memory House, Lima
When I say Beach, we can quickly see the blue of the sea under a clear sky, next to the warm sand, bathed in an intense yellow light that illuminates the day. The relaxing sound of the waves begins to whisper our ears, while our body begins to perceive a refreshing temperature, the wind passing.

21 Feb 2017
Living House, Condominio la Jolla, kilómetro 101 de la Pan. Sur, Asia, Lima
Design: Chetecortes Architects
Living House
photograph : Nadia Riva

Living House, Lima
Designed for a business family who spend a lot of time traveling, with a culture of fluidity and continuity of energy in their lives.

26 Dec 2016
The Panda House, Cañete
Design: Da-Lab Arquitectos
The Panda House in Cañete
photograph : Renzo Rebagliati “RENZINO”

The Panda House in Cañete
The top priority for the architects when designing this contemporary Peruvian house was to keep the spirit of the existing home.

page updated 26 Dec 2016
Blanca House, Asia District, Lima
Design: Arq. Martín Dulanto
Blanca House in Lima
photograph : Juan Solano

Blanca House in Lima
This new residence has been worked on to look like a massive block, which has been excavated to generate different areas in the inside.

CyD House in Chaclacayo, Lima

Gato House in Lima

21 Oct 2015
P2 House Poseidon, Pucusana
Design: domenack arquitectos
P2 House Poseidon
photograph : Juan Solano

New Home in Pucusana
The project is located in one of the highest areas of the cliff that defines the topographical profile of the bay.

Los Andenes House in Lima

Vertical House in Lima

25 Feb 2015
House H in Lima
Design: Ortiz de Zevallos Arquitecto
House H in Lima, Peruvian property
photograph : Juan Solano

House H in Lima
Developed on a 1,000sqm plot, on a busy road in the outskirts of Lima. The project developed as an architecture that generates paths and handles an extensive program while keeping as much open space for landscape as possible.

House V in Lima

Maple House in Chocaya

House H in Lima

House b2 in Pachacamac

27 May 2014
La Jolla Beach House
Design: Juan Carlos Doblado
Peruvian Beach House
photograph : Juan Solano

La Jolla Beach House
This Peruvian beach property is located on the beach of the same name, on the coast of the Pacific.

Forever House in La Molina

Casa Seta in Lima

Temporary House in Lima

19 May 2014
Casa BK, Lima
Design: domenack arquitectos
Contemporary Lima House
image from architect

Contemporary Peruvian House
This building is located within the city and consists of a 2 level house, designed for a young couple with 3 children. The house is placed at the back end of the plot, with a longitudinal north-south orientation.

29 Apr 2014
Casa S
Design: domenack arquitectos
Casa S
image from architect

Lima house
The house is the result of dealing with three important variables: satisfying the functional needs of the family, adapting the design to a difficult sloping topography without resorting to complicate and expensive structures, and capturing the views towards a golf course despite the fact that the plot is not adjacent to it.

1 Apr 2011
Desert Beach House, Pacific coast of Peru
Design: Artadi Arquitecto
Desert Coast House Peru residence
photo : Elsa Ramirez

Desert Beach House Peru
Recent design of a beach house located in the desert coast of Peru. The project is located at 125 km south of Lima city in a beach named “Las Palmeras”.

19 Feb 2010
Casa en Playa, Cañete, Lima, central Peru (west coast)
Design: Artadi Arquitecto
Casa en Playa del Golf, Cañete, Lima, Peru
image from architect

Casa en Playa

19 Feb 2010
Casa Las Arenas, Lima
Design: Artadi Arquitecto
Casa en Playa en Las Arenas, Lima, Peru
photo : Alexander Kornhuber

Casa Las Arenas

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Peruvian Housing

Contemporary Peru Residential Architecture

2 May 2013
Loft Residence in Lima
Design: TheeAe LTD
Loft Residence Peru
The residential tower is to be a new prototype for one of the key residential areas in Lima, Peru. The major use for the units is for a single person (single, divorced, widow or a newly wedding couple) who wish to live in the coolest zone of San Isidro.

31 May 2012
Sky Condos Lima
TABB Architecture
Sky Condos Lima
The projects design approach is panoramic visibility. Our main intuition is that the building should interact with the astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean and the promising Pezet Avenue. The result is an irregular extruded polygon to frame the main views. Natural light is also a crucial aspect of the design.

10 May 2012
Lima Residential Building
Lima Residential Building
Seeking to maximize both inherent and juxtaposed potentials, the project initiates development through the formation of typological clusters, each exhibiting its own distinct performative sustainable agenda.

26 Feb 2010
Lima Housing – 32 Dwellings
Architects: Filipe Lemos
Peruvian Housing design

19 Feb 2010
Edificio Costa Blanca, Miraflores, Lima Province
Artadi Arquitecto
Edificio Costa Blanca

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