Memory House in Lima

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Memory House in Lima

Contemporary Peruvian Residence in South America – design by Chetecortes Architects

6 Mar 2017

Memory House, Lima

Design: Chetecortes Architects

Location: Condominio la Jolla, kilómetro 101 de la Pan. Sur, Asia, Lima, Perú

Memory House in Sur, Asia

Memory House

When I say Beach, we can quickly see the blue of the sea under a clear sky, next to the warm sand, bathed in an intense yellow light that illuminates the day. The relaxing sound of the waves begins to whisper our ears, while our body begins to perceive a refreshing temperature, the wind passing.

Memory House Memory House

Memory House Memory House

We create the house, understanding first the reaction of the people to the previous text.

Memory House

Memory House

We understand the force of memory, which creates the stage again in the mind and brings with it the lived experience, the same atmosphere that helps people to enjoy and be happy.

Memory House Memory House

Although the project is in a third row, away from the beach and the interior spaces that do not have an ocean view, are even more apart, with memory we connect people with the beach and capture the same ingredients as her , So that the scenario is repeated and the result is the same.

Memory House

Memory House

Memory House Memory House

That is why the house opens to the outside, allows the wind to pass through the house, entering the dining room, through the kitchen, to reach the living room and connect to the first floor through the double height of the entrance. The sun is made present through a bath of light, on the wall that unites the whole dwelling, illuminating all spaces naturally. The wind carries with it the relaxing sound of the outside and brings with it, the necessary temperature to allow the rest even being in the space farthest from the house.

Memory House Memory House

This is a 530 sqm house built with a roof of 100 sqm

Memory House

Photography: Nadia Riva

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Location:Condominio la Jolla, kilómetro 101 de la Pan. Sur, Asia, Lima, Perú

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Memory House in Lima

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