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Lima Architects Practices, alphabetical:

Architect phone / fax e-mail / website address
Arquitecto Javier Artadi +51 1 2222 6261


Arquitecto Javier Artadi
Camino Real 111 Of. 701
San Isidro
Lima, Peru
Barclay & Crousse Architecture


+51 1 252 0503





Barclay & Crousse Architecture
Choquehuanca 199, Chorrillos
Lima 9

Architects + Landscape Architects + Structural Engineers with offices in Peru

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The Peru Architecture site aims to promote Peruvian Architects as well as the country’s architecture. The page is a good starting point for selecting an architect in Peru.

Peruvian Architects’ details are listed for an annual fee, likewise for Peruvian Structural Engineers, etc.

Peruvian Architect : Javier Artadi of Artadi Arquitecto


Peruvian Architecture – Selection

Edificio Costa Blanca, Miraflores
Artadi Arquitecto
Edificio Costa Blanca Miraflores
image from architect
Edificio Costa Blanca

Lima Housing – 32 Dwellings
Architects: Filipe Lemos
Lima Housing
image from architect
Peruvian Housing design

Tanatorio Chapel & Crematory Jardines de La Paz, Villa El Salvador, Lima
Metropolis – Architects
Peru Architecture
chapel picture from Metropolis
Lima Building

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