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Palace Architecture : Buildings

Major Regal Building Projects from around the World

Palace Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Palatial buildings.

We cover completed Palatial buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary buildings but information on traditional Palatial buildings is also welcome.

Palace Building – Major Example

Buckingham Palace, London, England, UK
John Nash
Buckingham Palace London
photo © Adrian Welch

Buckingham Palace London
Buckingham Palace is the primary residence of the British monarch.
Originally a grand house, remodelling began in 1762 by Scottish architect William Chambers (though born in Gothenburg, Sweden).
King George IV decided to modify Buckingham House into a palace around 1820 using the famous English architect John Nash who planned the grand Regent Street not far to the north.
The building has been remodelled many times since, more details towards the base of this page.

Palatial Architecture

Key Palatial Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Palazzo Barberini, Rome, Italy

Palazzo Barberini
picture © Isabelle Lomholt
Palazzo Barberini
Palazzo di Quirinale, northeast Rome, Italy

Palazzo di Quirinale
picture © AW
Palazzo di Quirinale
Palazzo Venezia, Piazza Venezia, Rome

Palazzo Venezia
picture © AW
Palazzo Venezia
Palazzo Massimo, Rome

Palazzo Massimo
picture © Isabelle Lomholt
Palazzo Massimo
Victoria Palace extension : HQ
de Architekten Cie.
Victoria Palace Romania
image © AW

Victoria Palace Romania
Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany

Zwinger Palace
photograph © AW
Zwinger Palace

Palatial Buildings – No Links

Palazzo di Montecitorio, Piazza Colonna, Via del Corso, Rome
Bernini; Carlo Fontana
Palazzo di Montecitorio
image © Adrian Welch

Palazzo Farnese, Rome

Palazzo Farnese
photo © Adrian Welch

Palazzo Giustizia, just east of Castel S.Angelo, Rome
Palazzo Giustizia
image © Isabelle Lomholt

More Palatial Buildings online soon

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland
various dates
various architects / masons
Palace of Holyroodhouse : still used by HM The Queen when on certain Edinburgh / Scottish engagements

Amalienborg, Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amalienborg Palace
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Palace Architecture – No Images

Building Designs, alphabetical:

Palazzo Borghese, Rome, Italy

Palazzo dei Conservatori, Monte Capitolino, Rome

Palazzo di Cancellaria, nr Campo dei Fiori, Rome

Palazzo d. Ass. Gen. Di Venezia, Piazza Venezia, Rome

Palazzo Lateranense, southeast Rome

Parliament Palace, Bucharest, Romania

Building designed for Nicolae Ceausescu
Reputedly the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon

Falkland Palace Architecture

Website: Architectural Walking Tours

Buildings / photos for the Palace Architecture Palatial Building Design page welcome

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