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We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Houses. We aim to include house designs that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed houses, new home designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings but information on traditional residences is also welcome.

New Houses grouped by country

Houses by country, alphabetical:

America Houses – USA
New house
image : Art Gray
Australian Houses
New House in Australia
image : John Gollings
Austrian Houses
Austrian house
photograph : Lukas Schaller
Brazilian Houses
New House in Sao Paulo
photo : Nelson Kon
Danish Houses
Danish House
photograph : Tina Krogager
English Houses
North House Bowden
photo : Daniel Hopkinson
Finnish Houses
Four-cornered villa Finland
photo :
French Houses
New House in France
photo : Hans Werlemann
German Houses
New House in Germany
picture : David Franck Photographie
Irish Houses
New Irish House
picture from architect
Israel Houses
Tel Aviv House
photograph from architect
Japanese Houses
New Japanese House
photo : Toshiyuki Yano
Netherlands Houses
New Dutch House
photograph : Bas Princen
Norwegian Houses
New Norwegian House
photo : Kim Müller
Portuguese Houses
New House in Portugal
photograph : FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura
Scottish Houses
Singapore House
photo : Keith Hunter
Singapore Houses
Singapore House
picture : Patrick Bingham Hall
South African Houses
Clifton House
photo : SAOTA & Adam Letch
Spanish Houses
Spanish House
photograph : Peter Cook
Swedish Houses
House Tumle
photo : Rasmus Norlander
Swiss Houses
Swiss holiday house
picture © Hannes Henz

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Modern Houses

Contemporary Residential Properties – Recent Selection

Recreational Island House, The Netherlands
Recreational Island House
image from architects

Recreational Island House – 9 Mar 2012
On an island of 5 by 100 meters in the Dutch lake area ‘Loosdrechtse Plas’ 2by4-architects designed a unique recreational house. The house is a subtle frame that captures the view from the inside out and outside in. Completely anticipating on the client’s needs 2by4 has designed the house in such a way that it can customize the interaction with the surrounding nature.

Easton Neston Estate, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, central England
Ptolemy Dean Architects
Easton Neston
photograph from RIBA

Easton Neston Estate – 29 Jun 2012
Easton Neston is one of the finest country houses in England, designed by Hawksmoor with an adjacent wing by Wren. Unsympathetic additions and a fire in 2002 meant there was much for the new owners and their architects to address.

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