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Mosque Architecture : Islamic Buildings

Major Religious Architectural Projects from around the world

Mosque Buildings

This page lists the principal Mosque designs across the globe.

We aim to select Mosque buildings + Islamic designs that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both. We cover completed Mosque buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and Islamic design competitions. The focus is on contemporary buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

Mosque Building News

Islamic Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

AlJabri Mosque in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia
Design: Schiattarella Associati architects
AlJabri Mosque in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia |
image from architects

AlJabri Mosque Building in Ha’il – 9 Jun 2017

WTC Mosque, World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Design: AL_A, architects
WTC Mosque
image from architect

WTC Mosque in Abu Dhabi – 2 Mar 2016
London-based architecture practice AL_A has won an invited competition to design a new mosque in Abu Dhabi. The Mosque is part of the World Trade Center developed by Aldar Properties, one of the largest developers in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Jamia Mosque, Lancashire, England – 2 Oct 2013
Jamia Mosque in Brierfield Corian Arches
photo courtesy of CD (UK) Ltd, all rights reserved
The Jamia Mosque Sultania and Education Centre is now complete following a ten year design and build project and an investment of £3.5 m from the local Muslim community. The new building is now one of the largest mosques in Lancashire.

Mosque of Prishtina Design, Kosovo
Design: Gezim Pacarizi + Arber Sadiku
Mosque of Prishtina Building
image from architect

Mosque of Prishtina Design – 22 Apr 2013
Typical mosque elements like the dome, minaret, portico are incrusted in our collective memory as the expression of the Islamic religious building. We used all those elements; we redefined them again, and assembled them in the new way, coherent to our contemporary expression and aspirations. The mosque of Prishtina will be the building the people of Kosovo will identify with.

Central Mosque Competition Entry, Prishtina, Kosovo
Design: atelier V
Central Mosque of Prishtina Building
image from architect

Central Mosque Competition Entry – 22 Apr 2013
For the architects, the design solution for The Central Mosque of Prishtina has as its foundation the notion that Prishtina is a bridge between the East and The West. It could not be a entirely eastern mosque because of Prishtina’s various Western influences, nor could it be a structure modeled after the latest Western trends in design as Prishtina has strong roots in Islamic Culture and history, primarily an Eastern phenomenon.

Prishtina Central Mosque Competition design
Design: architects team from Podgorica / Montenegro
Central Mosque Building Design
images from architect

Prishtina Central Mosque Competition – 19 Apr 2013
Islam is the main religion in Prishtina and Kosovo. This is the reason why the Central Mosque has to be a building-landmark in the city of Prishtina and should dominate and get involved in its urban context. In our design, The Mosque has important and central role in the city. During the analisys of the surrounding built environment, we realized there are two dominants: the Building news agency Rilindja and the boiler chimney of Dardanija (which was an inspiraton for minaret design in our work).

Central Mosque of Pristina, Kosovo
Design: Taller 301
Central Mosque of Pristina Kosovo
image from architect

Central Mosque of Pristina – 18 Apr 2013
Kosovo is a country rich in tradition and has had to confront tough issues in recent years. Now, it is a good time to look back, and to see the way forward. The main idea is to re-interpret the elements that constitute the Mosque, without pushing the limits of the already established principles of Islamic Architecture.

Grand Mosque of Prishtina, Kosovo, South East Eruope
Design: various architects
Prishtina Mosque Building
image from architect

Prishtina Mosque Building – 18 Apr 2013
The new Central Mosque occupies a strategic position within the extended urban centre of Prishtina. The main urban road limits two distinct, modern parts of the city here while buildings of outstanding scale and importance are aligned along this mayor car traffic route, which also forms the eastern limit of the project site. A mayor pedestrian route, dense with people throughout the day defines its southern side.

Sancaklar Mosque, Buyuk Cekmece, near Istanbul, western Turkey
EAA-Emre Arolat Architects
Sancaklar Mosque Building
image from architects

Sancaklar Mosque Building – 10 Jan 2012
Sancaklar Mosque located in Buyuk Cekmece, a suburban neighborhood in the outskirts of Istanbul, aims to address the fundamental issues of designing a mosque by distancing itself from the current architectural discussions based on form and focusing solely on the essence of religious space.

Recent Mosque Building Designs

Cambridge Mosque, England, UK
Marks Barfield Architects
Cambridge Mosque Building
image from architects

Cambridge Mosque Building

Mosque / Islamic Centre / Museum of Religious Harmony, Albania
BIG, Martha Schwartz Landscape, Buro Happold, Speirs & Major, Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger, and Global Cultural Asset Management
Mosque Building Albania
picture from architect

Cultural Centre Albania

Yesil Vadi Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Adnan Kazmaoglu MAM ARC
Yesil Vadi Mosque Building
photograph : Engin Gercek

Yesil Vadi Mosque Building
The circle form represents the universe and infinity (The symbol of infinity is formed by twisting a circle!). At the same time circle is the symbol of unity.
Centric planned Ottoman mosques are circularized, permitted by extent of construction. In the design process of Yesil Vadi Mosque circle is used as the main form in two-dimension and three-dimension.

Mosque Architecture

Key Islamic Buildings, alphabetical:

Abbey Mills, east London, England, UK
Mangera Yvars Architects
London Mosque Building
design image from architect

Abbey Mills Building

Hackney Mosque, east London, England
London Mosque design
design image from architect

Hackney Mosque Building

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayhan Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayhan Mosque
photograph : Speirs and Major Associates

Abu Dhabi Mosque Building

More Islamic Architecture Designs online soon

Central Mosque, Edinburgh, Scotland
Architect: Basil Bayati
Central Mosque Building
picture © Adrian Welch

Edinburgh Mosque Building

Religious Buildings

Kalundborg Kirke, Denmark

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