Ski Jump in Moscow

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Ski Jump in Moscow

Russian Health Facility Development – design by Architects of Invention

26 Apr 2016

Ski Jump in Moscow

Design: Architects of Invention

Location: Moscow, Russia

AI project proposal for renovation of the existing Ski Jump built in 1953

Ski Jump in Moscow

Vorob’evi Hills (in 1935-1999 – the Lenin Hills) – one of the most beautiful places in Moscow. It is a high right bank of the Moscow River. Located opposite the Luzhniki Stadium, considered one of the “Seven Hills of Moscow.” Neskuchny garden is adjacent to the site from the east. It is 80 meters high from the Moscow river.

Ski Jump in Moscow

Ski Jump in Moscow

The landscape of mountains forms a self-titled Vorob’evi Park, a part of which survived three ponds, as well as an array of broad-leaved forests. On Vorob’evi Hills offers the most extensive and picturesque panoramas of the capital.

Ski Jump in Moscow

Ski Jump in Moscow

Ski Jump
In 1953 the ski Jump was erected on the hill, an illuminated ski slope with chairlift of 340 meters long.
In early 2015, plans were announced to renovate and build a new ski jump and a cableway between the Vorob’evi hills and the stadium “Luzhniki”, which would combine sightseeing, transportation and sports functions.

“A Beam of Light”
The proposed ski jump type K-75 is designed for training and demonstration jumps. The idea behind the scheme is allegorical representation of a “Beam of Light” as a symbol of speed and flight. Simple subversive rectangular supporting structure “case” of the ski jump creates an image of rigor and accuracy of the calculation of the flight and the competition and bent stuffing – flexibility and a sense of freedom flight. The rectangular shape of its sculptural simplicity emphasizes the beauty of the landscape Vorob’evi Hills and the monumental complex of the university. It blends harmoniously into the environment without breaking but rather adding to its integrity.

The supporting structure is fabricated from a metal truss which rests on a single point of contact with the hill that allows to build the upper part of the mast hopping without supports. Slope design allows 28 degrees to keep the structure on the same support and Macalloy rod systems which stretches from the foot of the ramp (see. Section)
At the top mark of the ski jump is a preparatory platform for athletes and an observation deck with a bar for tourists. Inclined elevator hidden in the left side of the structure is used to transport athletes to the site, and the vertical lift, with capacity of 75 persons / hour on Kosygin Street, serves visitors to the observation deck.

Ski Jump in Moscow

Ski Jump in Moscow – Building Information

Status: Concept Proposal
Location: Vorob’evi Hills, Moscow, Russia
Size: 4000 m²
Budget: $2 mil
Programme: ski jump, ski school, viewing platform, restaurant
Team: David Tsanava, Dominykas Daunys, Nikoloz Japaridze, Anton Khmelnitskiy, Vano Ksnelashvili, Nikita Tsymbal

Ski Jump in Moscow

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