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Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in Morocco, north Africa

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Buildings in Morocco

This page lists the principal Moroccan designs. We aim to select the best Moroccan buildings + designs.

We cover completed Moroccan buildings, new building designs and design competitions in North West Africa. The focus is on contemporary buildings in the country.

Morocco Architecture Competition

New Sustainable Market Square in Casablanca, northern Morocco
[AC-CA] Architecture Contest
Morocco Architecture Competition
picture from competition organisers
Moroccan Architecture Competition
A Market square is a public open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading, commonly on particular days. Sustainable Architecture is a general term that describes environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture. Casablanca is a young and dynamic city in Morocco with a population estimated at approximately 4 million habitants. It is the largest city in the Maghreb and the fourth largest in Africa.

Morocco Architecture News

Morocco Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Villa Zevaco Restaurant, Casablanca – 30 Sep 2013
Design: Andy Martin Architects
Villa Zevaco
photo from architects

Andy Martin Architects were selected from a shortlist of acclaimed British restaurant designers to restore and convert a classic 50s villa, situated in the elegant Anfa District, fancy heart of Casablanca, Morocco’s most cosmopolitan city. This villa was built in 1947 by Jean Francois Zevaco for the builder Sami Suissa and soon became an iconic building because of its beauty, modernity and originality.

Preservation of Oasis Sites, Guelmim Region, Morocco
Design: Salima Naji
Preservation of Oasis Sites Morocco
photo : Cemal Emden

Preservation of Oasis Sites – 21 Jun 2013
For the last decade Salima Naji, trained as an architect and anthropologist, has worked to save the heritage of several oasis towns in the anti-Atlas mountains of Morocco. This ambitious undertaking involves four sites that range in scale from communal granaries to partially abandoned fortified towns.

Hassan II Bridge, Rabat
Design: Marc Mimran Architecture
Bridge in Rabat
photo : Cemal Emden

Bridge in Rabat – 1 May 2013
Linking Rabat and Salé to form an urban hub, the Hassan II Bridge and its associated access works relieve both cities’ historic sites and populations of atmospheric and sound pollution.

Mohammed VI Football Academy, Salé
Design: Groupe 3 Architectes
Football Academy Building Morocco
photo : Cemal Emden

Mohammed VI Football Academy – 1 May 2013
Providing intensive football training and a school education to around fifty 13-to-18-year-olds, the Academy is designed to encourage both focus and a sense of community.

Morocco Mall, Casablanca
Design: Design International architectural studio
Morocco Mall Casablanca
photo courtesy of Deborel Maroc, all rights reserved

Morocco Mall Casablanca – 20 Nov 2012
Creative solutions for a new African landmark – multiple applications in DuPont™ Corian® for the Morocco Mall, Casablanca. The entrance and interiors of the Morocco Mall l shopping centre, enriched with features in DuPont™ Corian®. Pictured above, the reception counter entirely made from Corian®, featuring engraved decoration; bicoloured signage ‘totem’ and advertising panels.

Fobe House, Tassoultante, Marrakech
Guilhem Eustache studio
Fobe House
photo © Jean Marie MONTHIERS

Moroccan House
“A client introduced me to a film producer in Belgium. He offered me to draw up the plans of several houses on land he had bought in Marrakech, Morocco. For many years I regularly visited Morocco. From the first trip I was bewitched by that country and the three projects studied to date are certainly fed, to varying degrees, by all the images and impressions gathered during my stays.”

Place Lalla Yeddouna, Fez, north eastern Morocco

New Moroccan Architecture
picture from organisers
Moroccan Architecture : Place Lalla Yeddouna

BMCE Regional Headquarters Buildings, Rabat + Casablanca, northern Morocco
Foster + Partners
BMCE Building
image : Nigel Young_Foster + Partners

Moroccan Architecture : BMCE Regional Headquarters for Moroccan bank

Morocco Buildings

Recent / Proposed Moroccan Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Anfa Place, Casablanca, northern Morocco : mixed-use Moroccan development
Foster + Partners
Anfa Place Morocco
picture from architect

Anfa Place

Casablanca Twin Center, northwestern Morocco
Architect : Ricardo Bofill – ‘Taller de Arquitectura
Casablanca Twin Center
photograph from Ricardo Bofill architects

Casablanca Twin Center

Centre de Formation aux Métiers du Développement Durable, Marrakech, western Morocco
Mikou Design Studio
Chwitter Marrakech
image from architects

Chwitter Marrakech

Florence place, Fes, north eastern Morocco
Mikou Design Studio
Florence place Morocco
image from architect

Florence place Fes

Rabat Grand Theatre, northern Morocco
Zaha Hadid Architects
Rabat Grand Theatre
render from architects

Rabat Grand Theatre

Tangier Passenger Terminal, northern Morocco
Odile Decq Benoît Cornette – Khalid Molato
Moroccan Passenger Terminal
image from architect

Tangier Passenger Terminal

More Moroccan Buildings online soon

Moroccan Office Buildings


Key Projects in adjacent countries to Morocco

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Cyrene Declaration
image : Foster + Partners

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Alexandria Library
photo from Snøhetta Architects

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