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Rue Lajeunesse Residence, Montréal – 18 Nov 2013
Design: NatureHumaine
Lajeunesse Residence
photo : Adrien Williams

The architects were hired by a young couple to do a complete renovation of a house built by the clients grandfather, now housing its third generation of the same family. They wanted to combine the two existing apartments into a single family house on two levels. Their request was that the architects created something modern and bright. Due to the noisy street at the front of the house, the main living spaces were placed at the back facing north creating the challenge of bringing direct sunlight into these spaces. A double height lightwell topped with a skylight, aids in bringing light to the center of the house.

Connaught Residence – 12 Sep 2013
Design: NatureHumaine
Connaught Residence Montréal
photo : Adrien Williams

The changing needs of a growing family triggered the complete reconfiguration and extension of their existing 1950 concrete house. They wanted a contemporary extension that would harmonize with the modern spirit of the original house.

Stacked House, Rue St-Christophe
Design: NatureHumaine
St-Christophe Residence
photo : Adrien Williams

House on Rue St-Christophe – 12 Aug 2013
This project was done in collaboration with the client who wished to build his own home. The site is located in a back alley of Montréal’s Plateau neighborhood and the design reflects the patchwork of extensions and renovations typically found in Plateau alleyways. The constraints of the site called for a house that was built upwards versus outwards. Four boxes clad in different materials are stacked one on top of the other. A void carved out of the center of the house, provides daylight, ventilation, and private outdoor space.

Chambord Residence, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec
Design: NatureHumaine
Chambord Residence Quebec
photo : Adrien Williams

Chambord Residence – 13 Jun 2013
The client wanted to utilize the second storey of her 1920s duplex by converting her former rental unit into 3 bedrooms and an office space. While the grey-stone front facade only required minor restorations, the back of the house was transformed completely. An emphasis on transparency creates constant visual and physical connections with the backyard.

La Couleuvre
Design: NatureHumaine
Montreal Flat Extension
photo : Adrien Williams

Montreal Flat Extension – 27 May 2013
Nicknamed “la couleuvre” (the garden snake). The parents’ quarters are located in the ground floor brick volume, while the kid’s bedrooms are pushed up into the twisting volume upstairs. A bright orange handrail leads you up into the kids’ zone. An open concept bathroom that facilitates family bath time also acts as the circulation to the 3 bedrooms with built in bunk beds and furniture in a similar playful language.

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Habitat 67
Moshe Safdie, Architect
Habitat 67
photo © Timothy Hursley

Habitat 67

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