Miss Wong Chinese Restaurant Montreal

Miss Wong Chinese Restaurant, Laval, Montreal

Miss Wong Chinese Restaurant, Laval, Quebec, design by architects Guillaume Ménard and David Dworkind (MRDK) – inspired by the vibrant neon signage, the classic folding scissor gates, and the hanging lanterns, all of which created a bright and exciting atmosphere.

Montreal Architect – Québec Architecture Studios

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Falafel Yoni, Mile-End restaurant

Falafel Yoni, Mile-End, Montreal

Falafel Yoni is nestled in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Mile-End neighbourhood. The city’s zoning regulated that the restaurant’s capacity be limited to 12 seats, which led to the design of a generous curved bar with a diner feel.

Ville-Marie Apartment

Ville-Marie Apartment, Montreal

This new residential project by architects naturehumaine is in a 1980s downtown tower. The interior renovation project aims to completely open a space originally partitioned and to compensate for the lack of light at the heart of the apartment.

CRISP Barbershop in Pointe Saint-Charles Montreal

CRISP Barbershop in Pointe Saint-Charles

CRISP was born from the owner’s strong will to open a barbershop unlike all others. It was IVYSTUDIO’s job to create a unique experience in a minimalistic environment that put the spotlight on the barbers, without compromising on the spaces functionality.