City of Manchester Stadium

City of Manchester Stadium, English Football Building, Capacity, Photo, Location

City of Manchester Stadium : Man City Ground

Football Ground in northwest England, UK

22 Oct 2008

Man City Stadium

Location: east Manchester, UK

Architects: Arup Associates

Manchester City FC Football Ground

Man City Stadium Man City FC Stadium City of Manchester Stadium
photos © Dennis Gilbert, VIEW

Man City Ground

Project Description

The City of Manchester Stadium hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games and has now become the home for Manchester City Football Club in 2003.

Having worked with Manchester City Council for six years developing schemes for Manchester’s Olympic Bid (1992) and the English National Stadium (1995), Arup Associates were appointed in 1998 to design the City of Manchester Stadium.

The stadium is built on a contaminated brownfield site, as part of a wider regeneration
programme providing sport and leisure facilities for the community.

Man City FC Stadium Man City Stadium Manchester City FC Ground Manchester City FC Football Ground
photos © Dennis Gilbert, VIEW

Although the stadium has been built for a remarkably low budget, stunning architecture has been created from those parts that are essential to the functioning of the facility. Special consideration has been given to spectator comfort and security, and the smooth operation of the building.

Access ramps spiral around concrete towers, which house plant as well as supporting the masts and stabilising the building. The undulating ‘saddle shape’ roof covers every seat and is supported by an innovative pre.stressed cable net, which allowed phased construction of the roof for athletics then football.

A circular perimeter combines with an optimal ‘TV shaped’ seating plan to create elevations which sweep up from the north and south to contain the upper stands on the east and west sides. These high sides provide protection from prevailing winds and low sun angles whilst providing a concentration of seats in the areas most favoured by spectators whilst the low south stand allows sunlight onto the pitch.

Man City FC Stadium

Location: east Manchester, north west England, UK
Client: Manchester City Council and Manchester 2002
Capacity: 38 000 (Commonwealth Games) ; 50 000 (Manchester City FC)
Architecture: Arup Associates
Engineering: Arup Associates and Arup

Manchester City FC Stadium information from Arup Associates 22/231008

Arup Associates

Location:Manchester City FC, Manchester

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