TreeHouse, Malta House – Naxxar Residence

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TreeHouse, Malta : Naxxar Residence

Maltese Contemporary Residential Building – design by Galea&Galea Architects

28 Aug 2013

TreeHouse Residence

Design: Galea&Galea Architects

Location: Bahar IC-Caghak, L/O Naxxar, Malta

TreeHouse – A Residential Adaptive Reuse Project

TreeHouse represents the timeless expression of Maltese contemporary residential values. By challenging the traditional concept of the dwelling and reinterpreting the role of local techniques and materials, the design concept explores sustainable adaptive reuse in a dynamic context. The fluidity of space is expressed horizontally in the open plan layout and vertically via the stairwells that flow through and fold in on the various levels, creating a vibrant backdrop to the lifestyle of the residents.

TreeHouse Malta Naxxar Residence TreeHouse Malta Naxxar Residence TreeHouse Malta Naxxar Residence TreeHouse Malta Naxxar Residence
photos : Homeworks Malta

Set on an urban peripheral site of 450m², the house is designed on three levels of 150m². Home to a young family, TreeHouse is a playful reference to a treehouse located some distance from the site. Surrounded by trees, the house is a celebration of light and fluid space: A glass mosaic ‘light wall’ acts as a living canvas for the projection of pixelated shadows cast by the trees in a dynamic combination of patterns designed by nature.

Raw concrete, exposed metalwork, stone, tadelakt, timbers and textured mosaics add a tactile quality and human scale to the interior, while reflective glass surfaces mirror the surrounding landscapes and provide visual contrast.

Environmental considerations, sustainability and contextuality play an important role in the design. Large glazed North facing openings filter the desired amount of light, while maximizing views. A strategically placed body of water, whose thermal mass aids in cooling the house in summer, allows air currents above the water to circulate through the interior volumes, eliminating the need for airconditioning systems. The dynamics of the plan layout also takes advantage of heat generation zones within the house and natural ventilation patterns around its external walls, by reversing the ‘standard’ layout and locating the entrance level above and the bedrooms below. This results in cool sleeping spaces in summer and warmer open plan areas in cooler weather.

TreeHouse Malta Naxxar Residence TreeHouse Malta Naxxar Residence
photos © Galea Galea Architects

TreeHouse Naxxar – Building Information

Title: TreeHouse – A Residential Adaptive Reuse Project
Office / Architect: Galea&Galea Architects / Monica Audrey Galea, Anthony Galea
Collaborators: Joseph Formosa
Programme: Single Family house

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