Solar Plant Towers, Ivanpah – Mojave Desert Tower

Solar Plant Towers Mojave Desert, Ivanpah Building, California Eco Project Design

Solar Plant Towers, Mojave Desert

Green Power Facility in California, USA – design by RAFAA

Aug 25, 2011

Solar Plant Towers

Architect: RAFAA architecture & design, Zürich, Switzerland

Location: Ivanpah, Mojave Desert, California

Client: BrightSource Energy Inc.

Design proposal: invited competition

Status: competition stage

Solar Plant Towers in Mojave Desert

The Company BrightSource Energy Inc. is building a 392-megawatt solar thermal power facility located in the Mojave Desert, California. Ivanpah, which started construction in October 2010, is using mirrors to focus the power of the sun on solar receivers at the top of three 225m power towers. The complex is comprised of three separate plants to be built in phases between 2010 and 2013. The electricity generated by all three plants is enough to serve more than 140,000 homes in California during the peak hours of the day.

Solar Plant Towers
image from architects

The proposal for the design of the towers does not only show solutions for the functional assignment, but also wants to give BrightSource Energy a strong image as a reliable leader in the field of sustainable technologies and tries to make a contribution to its corporate design. The design of the worlds largest Solar Plant shall serve as a powerful statement to ensure the company’s share in the fast growing solar technology market. For that purpose we have developed two different proposals.

Solar Plant Towers image / information from RAFAA architecture & design

Solar Plant Towers Ivanpah : video – external link

Location:Mojave Desert

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Solar Plant Towers Mojave Desert