Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell

Jim Goldstein’s Skyspace by James Turrell, Beverly Crest Residence, LA Real Estate

Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell

Beverly Crest House, California, USA – Architecture

Aug 16, 2013

Jim Goldstein’s Skyspace by James Turrell

Jim Goldstein’s Skyspace by James Turrell

“Above Horizon”

SKYspace by James Turrell, situated at a residence in Beverly Crest.

Photos: Kenneth Johansson Photography

This intriguing piece of architecture / art is located at the spectacular, Sheats-Goldstein house (1963) designed by Modern architect John Lautner. This property is now owned by Jim Goldstein. It is a concrete room built into the hillside, a skyspace titled ‘Above Horizon’, by artist James Turrell, states LA Weekly. Openings in the concrete shell allow carefully calibrated light to play in the space. ‘Above Horizon’ has openings in the ceiling and wall, both programmed to open smoothly as you watch.

Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell
photo : Kenneth Johansson Photography

The Goldstein Skyspace was original envisioned by owner James Goldstein to be a collaboration between artist James Turrell and architect John Lautner, states the website ‘Architectoid – Learning Architecture for life’. Unfortunately Lautner passed away before the project came to fruition. An apprentice of Lautner, architect Duncan Nicholon took over the Architects role in collaboration with the James Turrell to complete the project in 2004.

Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell
photo : Kenneth Johansson Photography

The location of the Goldstein Skyspace art piece is in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The difficult building site made the logistics of constructing the concrete shell structure on a caisson foundation difficult.

Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell
photo : Kenneth Johansson Photography

The Skyspace has two operable openings: the central oculus, and the corner window. The room is pre-programmed by the James Turrell for shows at dawn and dusk. The room has embedded radiant heating beneath the concrete pebble finished floor. The room is lined with 5,000 LEDs in alcoves not directly visible by viewers. When the LEDs are activated they wash the room with abundance of colored light amplified by the smooth white plaster finished walls. When the windows are opened and the preprogrammed lighting begins a slow transitioning color sequence centering on the view of the sky the show begins. All previously perceived notions of the color of the sky changes before your eyes and viewers are left to reconceive what has always been assumed.

Above Horizon by James Turrell – Building Information

Location: Beverly Crest, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Artist: James Turrell
Contractor: Bruce Ostermann
Architect: Duncan Nicholson
Structural Engineer: Andrew Nasser

Jim Goldstein Skyspace by James Turrell images / information from Kenneth Johansson

James Goldstein House in Beverly Hills

Jim Goldstein’s Skyspace by James Turrell – external link to the ‘Architectoid – Learning Architecture for life’ article

Kenneth Johansson Photography – external link

Location:Beverly Crest, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

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