Telecom Tower London – BT Tower

Telecom Tower London, Cleveland Street Building, Image, Architect, Design, Date

BT Tower London : Architecture

Key Tall Building in central London: 60 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, England, UK

Telecom Tower


Chief Architects: Eric Bedford & G. R. Yeats

Ministry of Public Buildings and Works

BT Tower in London

Photos © Adrian Welch – from 1 Oct 2012:

BT tower building BT tower building

Photos © Keepclicking – from 10 Sep 2012:

BT Tower BT Tower London Telecom Tower London

Location: 60 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 4JZ

BT Tower Telecom Tower
photos © Nick Weall

Also known as the BT Tower and GPO Tower

BT Tower London
picture © Adrian Welch

Location: Holland St, central London
Telecom Tower, London – contact: 020 746 8348

Telecom Tower London
photograph © AJW

620 ft high, once contained rotating restaurant at the top

The Telecom Tower was bombed by the IRA

BT Tower London BT Tower London BT Tower London building BT Tower London
pictures © AW

BT Tower London building photographs (with blue sky) taken with Panasonic DMC-FX01 lumix camera; Leica lense: 2816×2112 pixels – original photos available upon request: info(at)

BT Tower images – scanned photos by Isabelle Lomholt:
BT Tower BT Tower

Location:60 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4JZ