Squirries Street Penthouses, London

Squirries Street Penthouses, Bethnal Green Rooftop Property, London Building, Project, Photo

Squirries Street Property

Penthouse Residential Development in London, UK – design by pH+, architects

15 Jul 2009

Penthouses London

Two rooftop penthouses in Bethnal Green

Design: pH+ architects

Location: Bethnal Green, East London


pH+ architects have gained Planning Approval for two new rooftop penthouses to an existing four storey building in Bethnal Green, East London. An approach was developed for the project that addresses the complications of building on top of an occupied property, with a view that the same principles could be applied to similar type projects elsewhere.

Squirries Street Penthouses Squirries Street Penthouses Penthouses London Squirries Street Property

The proposals are based around the combination of two principle elements; the first investigates, and benefits from, standardisation and can be applied generically; a second element then contextualizes these standardised elements in response to site specific characteristics.

In order to minimise disruption to existing residents and ensure a high quality of construction, the proposals utilise modular timber construction techniques to create a pair of interlocking, prefabricated two bedroom penthouses. Each duplex unit changes its primary aspect from one floor to the next, mirroring and interlocking with it’s neighbour, allowing both units to enjoy multiple aspects. The proposals were designed around the maximum prefabricated panel size feasible for transportation and are set back on the lower level to create external amenity space off the living areas, bedrooms are located on the upper floor.

These standardised units of accommodation are then wrapped in the second element, a separate skin that responds to the immediate context, creating a site-specific response. In the case of Squirries Street this skin is constructed from mesh and will have ivy grown across it, becoming a beacon to mark the forgotten green space onto which the site borders. Numerous areas of green space are set back along the length of Bethnal Green Road, but rarely used. Advancing the London Plan’s agenda for promoting green roof spaces, the planted screening offers oppourtunities for increasing biodiversity whilst also framing or preventing views to and from the new development. Interstitial space between the prefabricated units and contextual skin become protected, external terraces and balconies, with the planted screening filtering light to the accommodation behind.

Squirries Street Penthouses Squirries Street Penthouses Squirries Street Penthouses Squirries Street Penthouses

Squirries Street Penthouses – Building Information

Client: Event Investments Limited
Architect: pH+
Quantity Surveyor: Stockdale
Structural Engineer: Mason Navarro Pledge
Computer Visualisations: Rock Hunter

Squirries St, Bethnal Green, London images / information provided by pH+


Location:Squirries St, Bethnal Green, London, UK