Shoreditch Petrol Station Building

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Shoreditch Petrol Station Building

Contemporary English Architecture in Hackney, East London – design by KYSON Architects

1 Nov 2016

Shoreditch Petrol Station Building

Design: KYSON Architects

Shoreditch Petrol Station Building

Shoreditch Petrol Station building

Shoreditch Petrol Station building

In an area characterised by Victorian warehouse architecture, scars from the WWII blitz and the subsequent postwar development, the former petrol station site provides the opportunity to reinstate the historic streetscape of Shoreditch High Street.

Taking inspiration from those former warehouses, the proposals seek to reinterpret those design principles of well proportioned masonry facades with large glazed appetures hard up against the pavement.

A sense of verticality is acehived through the use of monolithic masony peirs that combine with slender horizontal detailing to set the formal proportions of the façade. Whilst the form and articulation of the façade is formal in its arrangement, the materiality and texture of the handmade linear bricks provides a handcrafted aesthic, this contrast is exaggerated when set against the crisp detail of the glazing and metalwork.

Sector: Retail / Office
Size: Shoreditch, London
Size: 3750 sqm
Date: Current

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Location:Shoreditch, London, UK

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