The Old Bailey Building, London

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The Old Bailey, London

Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, UK: Architecture Information + Images

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The Old Bailey London

Photos © Adrian Welch, 23 Jun 2007

Location: towards west edge of City of London, just west of St Paul’s Cathedral

Central Criminal Court : The Old Bailey

This is a major building in the British Capital.

The Old Bailey The Old Bailey London

The court originated as the sessions house of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of the City of London and of Middlesex. The original medieval court was first mentioned in 1585; it was next to the older Newgate Prison. It was destroyed in the 1666 Fire of London and rebuilt in 1674.

In 1734 it was refronted, enclosing the court. It was rebuilt again in 1774.

In 1834, it was renamed as the Central Criminal Court and its jurisdiction extended beyond that of London and Middlesex to the whole of the English jurisdiction for trial of major cases.

The present building dates from 1902, but it was officially opened in 1907. It was designed by E. W. Mountford and built on the site of the infamous Newgate Prison, which was demolished to allow the court buildings to be constructed.

Lady Justice statue
On the dome above the court stands a famous bronze statue of Lady Justice, executed by the British sculptor F. W. Pomeroy. She holds a sword in her right hand and the scales of justice in her left. The statue is popularly supposed to show blind Justice; however, the figure is not blindfolded.
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Location:The Old Bailey, London, UK