New London House – Residential

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New London House

Residential Development England, UK – design by Designkommander, architects

5 Oct 2009

New London House

Architect: Designkommander

New London House

In an urban context, a linear route is imposed through the fabric of an older building. Around it is strung an asymmetrical relief of vertical and horizontal planes. The collapsing scale of the composition, accentuated by graded monochromes, reduces the monumental to human proportions.

New London House New London House New London House New London House

Within, a new double-height volume unfolds a staged sequence enticing the discovery of spaces that hang off solids. The progression is explored from a multiplicity of angles, divulging framed, atypical views. The manipulation of moveable facades causes shifts in apparently fixed spatial identities.

The intimacy of home amplifies to the status of gallery: white walls displaying works by Young British Artists. Externally, the immensity of planar forms is inverted at the farthest end of the garden by a small device which terminates the linear route. Experience of the entire sequence is further intensified by the orchestration of natural light.

This axial study deploys a series of contradictions to interweave interior and exterior.

New London House images / information from Designkommander

Location:London, UK ‘