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Key Buildings in London, England, UK

page updated 13 Jun 2014

London Architecture : Z

Key London buildings (no photos – alphabetical, listed by building):


Zara store, Oxford Street, central London
Design: John McAslan & Partners
333 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2HY

Zen Central restaurant, off Curzon St, Soho, London

Design: Rick Mather Architects

ZeNW3 restaurant, Hamsptead, north London

Design: Rick Mather Architects
From 1985 to 1991 Rick Mather designed a series of restaurants for the Zen chain of Chinese restaurants including three restaurants in London, Hong Kong and Montreal. The client wanted to establish a new niche for upmarket Chinese food and wanted an architectural setting to reflect the quality of the food and service.
The restaurants all used advanced and innovative techniques of glazing and featured glass water features and furniture also designed by Rick Mather.

Zip-up house
Design: Richard Rogers, architect
Zip-up house
The house, commissioned by Richard Rogers’ parents, sits within a long and narrow wooded urban plot, opposite Wimbledon Common and adjoining a major road. It is designed to provide maximum privacy and seclusion, and consists of two separate elements facing on to an internal garden courtyard. The small unit houses the separate flat and pottery studio and acts as a sound barrier between the house and the road. Rogers describes the house as ‘a transparent tube with solid boundary walls’.

Location:London ‘