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Farringdon Buildings

Key Architecture in north London, England, UK

Farringdon Developments

North London Building Photos : Photos by Nick Weall from 23 Aug 2009

The Angel Building, Clerkenwell
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Angel Building
picture © Nick Weall
Angel Building

City Lit Building, 1-10 Keeley St, Camden, north London
Allies & Morrison
City Lit Building City Lit Building
photos © Nick Weall

City Lit Building

Farringdon Point, junction of Greville St & Farringdon Rd
Farringdon Point
picture © Nick Weall

Farringdon Road Buildings at Greville Street Corner
Farringdon Road Buildings Farringdon Road Buildings
photos © Nick Weall

Freemasons Hall – United Grand Lodge of England, Wild St/Great Queen St
Freemasons Hall London
picture © Nick Weall

Meryll Lynch Accountants building, Farringdon Road
Meryll Lynch Accountants building Meryll Lynch Accountants building
photos © Nick Weall
Lacklustre Postmodern architecture unengaged with pedestrians

Sadlers Wells Theatre, northeast London
RHWL with Nicholas Hare Architects
Sadlers Wells Theatre
picture © Nick Weall

Sadlers Wells Theatre

London Architecture Photos : more images by Nick Weall

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London Architecture Photos taken by Nick Weall with a Nikon D700 using either a 14-24mm Nikkor Lens or a 24-70mm Nikkor lens. All images taken with a tripod.
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Farringdon is a historic area of the City of London, represented today by the Wards of Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. Farringdon is also used informally to refer to the area around Farringdon Station in the London Borough of Islington, some distance north of the historic locality.

The extent of the area around Farringdon Station which is sometimes referred to as Farringdon cannot be exactly defined; this contemporary usage is most likely a back-formation and its use is similar to that in the Victoria area.

The station and its immediate environs are located at the southernmost tip of Clerkenwell in the London Borough of Islington very close to the northern boundary of the City of London and the eastern boundary of the London Borough of Camden. Farringdon Station and its environs were previously within the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury and are now within the London Borough of Islington.[19]

Planned redevelopment and expansion of Farringdon Station is expected to have a significant impact on the local area. The station is currently served by the Thameslink north-south rail route; it is planned that this will be supplemented by a future east-west Crossrail service which will require the construction of additional station entrances. Crossrail opened an Information Exchange in Farringdon in 2004 to aid consultation with local stakeholders. A proposed upgrade of the Thameslink route would also have an impact on the local area, including the construction of further station entrances, the pedestrianisation of Cowcross Street and the demolition of several buildings. The area forms part of the City Fringe Partnership, an initiative between the City of London and other local authorities to revive parts of Inner London immediately adjacent to the City. In 2008 a plan to significantly redevelop the area, including the demolition of part of Smithfield Market, was rejected by the Department of Communities and Local Government, but proposals are ongoing, led by JMP.
Source: wikepdia

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