Cox & Power, Marylebone High Street Shop, London

Cox & Power London, Marylebone Shop, Building, English Jewellery Design, Property

Cox & Power, London

Marylebone High Street Store: Jewellery Retail Outlet – design by Sybarite

25 Nov 2009

Cox & Power London

Marylebone High Street, London


Design: Sybarite

Address: 10-12 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 4PX

Phone: 020 7935 3530

Cox & Power Design Concept

With jewellery shop design the display product is generally not much larger than a penny coin and therefore the focus needs to change from that of a traditional retail unit. Imagine you are looking at a plain piece of A4 paper and then put a dot in the middle of the page. This illustrates the scale of the product that you are dealing with when implementing a jewellery display and the level and focus of attention to detail that you have to consider.

Cox & Power London Cox & Power Store London Cox & Power Store

Cox & Power

Jewellery is in its very essence is star-like; it sparkles, it catches the light in a number of fantastic and different ways, it is beautiful, luxurious and often timeless. So what is the single environment that you can compare this to? For Sybarite the inspiration lies within our own universe, planets and star systems.

The principle solution to recreate the universe within a retail environment was to incorporate a lacquered curved wall within the space. This wall contains a series of illuminated display capsules that appear as if they were randomly scattered resembling a globular star formation or galaxy. The metallic lacquer on the walls has a milky reflective quality and adds depth to the finish which forms a perfect backdrop to the display. Each bespoke display case is individually fabricated with a hinged stainless steel frame, a clear perspex dome face and a security lock. Central to the space is a cluster of hand blown glass droplets that are suspended from a mirrored ceiling disc and float over a mirrored circular table. This creates an effect of infinity reflections when viewed from certain locations. The central table helps to create an effective circulation of the space with a certain degree of intimacy without congestion or intimidation. Together with the dark black granite floor and the blackened ceiling void, the combined elements help to create a very unique spatial configuration.

The lighting is subtlety directed within the main shop space and is primarily concentrated from the actual jewellery display cases which focuses on the product and creates a comfortable ambient light level inside the shop as well as enhancing the ‘sparkle’ of the product.

A separate soft seating area is accessible from the main space and accommodates a comfortable viewing area allowing the customer to focus on any product they may wish to. The design has also considered the need for personal meetings. A pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by the careful use of materials, lighting and particularly the soft suede wall lining that is very tactile and acoustically beneficial.

The diverse selection of suppliers, materials and techniques utilised in this project are from all over the world and is typical of Sybarite’ passion to push the design extremities, to get the best quality, maximum material potential and value for money in their designs and most importantly a satisfied client.

Cox & Power Store Marylebone – Building Information

Shop Address: 35C Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 4QA
Client: Cox & Power, London (Vicci Cox, Tony Power, Rachel Sweeney)
Architect: Sybarite, London (Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh, Iain Mackay)
Photographs: Adrian Myers, London
Main Contractor: Purple Shopfitters, London (Kevin Dansie, Derek Kennedy)
Hand Blown Glass: Andromeda, Murano, Italy (Gianluca Vecchi)
Specialist Joinery: Arredo Deco, Italy (Massimiliano Tiezzi)
Security: Knighthood Securities, London (Hugh Murray)
Glazing & Metalwork: Metal Deco, Italy (Andrea Tiripelli)
Acrylic Domes: Talbot Designs, London (Charles Woolf)
Furniture: Spacecraft, London
Fabric Wall Lining: The Bloomsbury Partnership, Isle of Wight (Don Elwin)
Shop Area: 60m²
Contract Value: £120,000
Completion: Oct 2004

Cox & Power images / information from Sybarite


Location:Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 4QA