CIPD Headquarters, Wimbledon Building, London

CIPD Headquarters, Wimbledon Building, 151 Broadway London, English Design, Property, Image

CIPD Headquarters Wimbledon

Office Development in London: 151 Broadway – design by GMW Architects

19 Feb 2010

CIPD Headquarters

151 Broadway, Wimbledon

Design: GMW Architects

CIPD Headquarters
photo Peter Cook © PeterCook/View

CIPD Wimbledon

As befits the United Kingdom’s leading body in personnel management and development, CIPD had clear and demanding expectations of their own workplace. Their brief called for a modern, light and open building that would be environment and people friendly; a building that would convey distinction and reinforce their brand. 151 Broadway lives up to these high expectations, fostering a strong sense of community in an open-plan environment that provides a variety of stimulating and comfortable spaces.

The construction uses well-tried techniques in innovative ways, with components made to work at maximum efficiency in a building designed to utilise passive environmental control as part of a low-energy strategy.

There is an underlying clarity and honesty in the use of materials and there is no suspended ceiling to conceal the structure, which allows the thermal mass of the concrete slabs to provide natural cooling.

CIPD Headquarters image / information from GMW Architects

GMW Architects

Location:151 Broadway, Wimbledon, London, UK