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Libyan Universities : Bani Walid + Zletin Buildings

7th of October University, Libya – design by RMJM Architects

20 Oct 2008

Libyan University Buildings

RMJM won a contract Oct 2008 to design two university campuses in Libya:

123-acre satellite campus for the 7th of October University in Bani Walid, east of Tripoli.

Libyan University Building - Campus, Bani Walid Universities

222-acre campus for Al Asmariya university in Zletin, 100 miles east of Libya’s capital city.

The 7th of October University at Bani Walid is one of 27 new campuses commissioned by the Libyan government. Located about three hours south of the capital of Tripoli, the new school will accommodate 3,250 students from surrounding communities and provide academic programs in language, business, education and medical technology. The 50-hectare campus is sited in the desert and will contain 110,000 m² of buildings. In addition to academic facilities, the campus will include a student centre, library, mosque, athletic facilities and housing for faculty.

Bani Walid University Libya building design by RMJM Architects

Inspiration for the design came from the desert rose, a naturally occurring silica crystal that captured the design and client teams’ imaginations. The planning theme was also informed by the town of Ghadames, where sunken courtyards cool the town center and irrigate the perimeter oasis. The compact design of the campus is driven by issues of sustainability.

7th of October University + Al Asmariya university Zletin images / information from RMJM

Libyan University Buildings design : RMJM


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