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Urban Trachea: Seoul Station Contest

Seoul Station Redevelopment, Korea Site Development – design by Samoo Architects

1 Dec 2009

Seoul Station Redevelopment

Urban Trachea

Winning Proposal for the Design Competition, 2009

Design: Samoo Architects & Engineers with De Stefano + Partners

The development site for the Northern area of Seoul station has more characteristicsthat is defined by the railway roads within the site which actually isolates itself from the urban context. The condition is very different from the open and adventurous feeling that we associate with the name ‘Seoul Station’.

The task that lies ahead for the architects were to analyze and develop the project which will become a major transferpoint for public transportations including the Airport Railway Station which will be completed in the year 2010 and to develop potentials that can be related to parks that are located around the site.

Urban Trachea Korea Urban Trachea Seoul Urban Trachea

Trachea means breathing organs. It is to reveal hidden potentials that has been hidden within the city. The architects focused on developing a greater masterplan for the future of Seoul-station which includes the Seoul-station Cultural Space(former Seoulstation) as the center with the private capital induced Seoul KTX station to the South and the Northern Development site to the North.

Through this, Seoul will be a place where the past, the present, and the future coexist as the center for railway transportations. It will become a new center for International conventions with endless potentials.

Urban Trachea – Building Information

Location: Seoul, Korea
Total Floor Area: 276,756‡u
Floors: 34 Floors and 4 Basements
Architect: Samoo Architects & Engineers
Collaboration: De Stefano + Partners
Client: Korea Railroad Corporation

Seoul Station Redevelopment images / information from Samoo


Location: Seoul, Korea

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