Scissor House, Korea Building: Jeju Island, Seohong-dong

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Scissor House Seohong-dong

Residential Development in Jeju Island, Seohong-dong, Korea – design by BCHO Architects

11 Aug 2010

Scissor House in Korea

Design: BCHO Architects

Scissor House Seohong-dong

Located on the southern slope of Jeju Island, the split level house scissors up a previously existing tangerine farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The volcanic Island is approximately 100 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula and is known for its strong winds.

Scissor House Korea Scissor House Scissor House Seohong-dong Seohong-dong House Korea
photo : Wooseop Hwang

To take advantage of the pacific breeze while still remaining sheltered from the strong tropical winds, the house is oriented towards the ocean with a low and continuous roof form. The steep slope of the site is terraced with 2 to 3 meter basalt stone retaining walls.

The house scissors between one tier and another, stepping up and pivoting around the low basalt stone wall, resulting in two gardens, a small moss garden along the wall and a stone garden courtyard off the living space with the Pacific Ocean beyond. Sliding doors along the main living and dining space can open the entire house to the ocean for much of the year.

Scissor House Korea Scissor House Scissor House Seohong-dong Seohong-dong House Korea
photo : Wooseop Hwang

The continuous roof remains low and monolithic to allow the singular form protection from the typhoon strength winds. The roof is a single slab of concrete without any waterproofing or parapet which might easily be damaged.

During the pouring and curing process, the roof was re-troweled every 2-3 hours throughout the night to allow any existing moisture to rise and form an 8- 10 millimeter thick cement seal which will prevent future cracks and is completely water tight.

Scissor House Korea Scissor House Scissor House Seohong-dong Seohong-dong House Korea
photo : Wooseop Hwang

Scissor House – Building Information

Architect: Byoungsoo Cho
Project Team: Woohyun Kang
Location: Seohong-dong, Seogwipo Jeju-do, Korea
Site area: 3438.0 sqm
Gross floor area: 322.3 sqm
Total floor area: 247.2 sqm
Building-to-land ratio: 10.76%
Floor area ratio: 10.76%
Building scope: Split levels, 2F
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Exterior finishing: Reinforced Concrete, Recycled Teak, Zinc
Consultants: Ja Yeon Jeju Landscape Architects
Design period : 2007.10.~2008.05
Construction period : 2008.03~2010.04
Photographs: Wooseop Hwang

Scissor House, Korea images / information from Nicholas Locke

Location:Seohong-dong, Seogwipo Jeju-do, Korea

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