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Molecular Cluster in Yokohama

Yokohama art work, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan – design by MoNo

25 Mar 2011

Molecular Cluster in Yokohama

MoNo is a Japanese architectural office led by two architects, Fumiaki Nagashima and Mami Maruoka Nagashima.

MoNo designed the art work “Molecular Cluster in Yokohama 2011” which was exhibited in Berrick Hall, one of local authorized historical architectures in Yamate historic area, Yokohama, Japan, as the formal opening program of the 5th Yamate Art Festival.

Molecular Cluster Yokohama Molecular Cluster Yokohama City Molecular Cluster Japan Molecular Cluster Berrick Hall
pictures from MoNo, architects

The theme of it was “visualization of memory carved into this historical space”. Every individual memory was linked beyond time and space, and composed the memory of space looking like molecular model.

The memory was described with clear balloon material. About 1,000 balloons were connected in a certain way to express a long cluster of memories.

This cluster surrounded visitors in the room, floating in the air and making a circular arc pattern. Moreover, it was heap up at the corner of room and rolled over underfoot.

Visitors could enjoy the beautiful room interior and the strange feeling of molecular cluster of memory, walking freely through balloons loop.

Installation art work “Molecular Cluster in Yokohama 2011”

Organizer : Yamate Art Festival Executive Committee

Site : Livingroom of the Berrick-Hall, 72 yamate naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Molecular Cluster Yokohama images / information from MoNo architects

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This is the urban residence for a single occupancy is situated in Yokohama City which is about one hour from Tokyo Japan by train.


Location: Yokohama, Japan, East Asia

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