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12 Apr 2019
Aoki Jun Appointed Director of Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
Kyocera Museum of Art Building in Kyoto City
image courtesy of architects
Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, formerly known by Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is pleased to announce the appointment of the architect Aoki Jun as its new director, effective April 1. Aoki also has been deeply involved in the Museum renewal project since its earliest design stage.

Kanoko Building, Hushiki-ku
Architects: Eastern Design Office
Kanoko Building in Kyoto City
photographer : Koichi Torimura

Kanoko Building in Kyoto City

1 Jun 2018
Panasonic Design Kyoto Building
Panasonic Headquarters Kyoto building
image courtesy of architects
Panasonic Headquarters Kyoto Building
Panasonic is marking its centenary with a new, mixed-use studio, tastefully incorporating core elements of Japanese culture into its design to help stimulate creative inspiration.

House in Muko
Design: Fujiwara Architects
House in Kyoto
photo : Yano Toshiyuki

New Kyoto Residence

15 Nov 2011
Kyoto Prefecture Library and Archives
Design: Iida archiship studio
Kyoto Prefecture Library and Archives
image courtesy of architects

Kyoto Prefecture Library and Archives
Iida archiship studio won the “New Kyoto prefecture library and archives” architectural competition in Japan. In the Kitayama district has some culture institutions in Kyoto, and there is also a rich natural environments such as the Kamo River.

4 Sep 2011
Keyhole House
Design: EASTERN design office
Keyhole House - Kyoto Residence
photograph : Koichi Torimrua

Keyhole House Kyoto Residence
A small house for four people and two cats. It has only 100 square meters of floor space. It is standing alone in the corner of a small parking lot like a table left behind at the seaside.

Higashi Honganji Founders Hall Kyoto Building

Hakko Kyoto Building

Shimogamo Yakocho House in Kyoto

Light well House, Kyoto Home

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