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Jyoetsu City Property, Niigata Prefecture House, Japanese Residence, Building

House in Takada, Japan : Jyoetsu City Building

Niigata Prefecture Residence – design by Iida archiship studio

29 May 2012

House in Takada

Design: Iida archiship studio

This house is for an old woman who will spend lest of her life in the house.

This bungalow house is 110㎡. It is located in Jyoetsu city in Niigata prefecture where is about 200km toward to the northern direction from Tokyo. The regional characteristics are the temperature below zero degree and the snow depth exceeds 2m during winter. To come through such a severe climate, the covered allays are set up on the pedestrians and snow melted equipments with usage of well water are installed on the roads.

House in Takada Niigata Prefecture Residence Jyoetsu City Building Jyoetsu City Property
photos : Ken’ichi Suzuki

We thought the possibility to reduce the labor for dropping down snows on the roof by using of the well water. We came up with like a “Origami” roof whole of which function as snow melted system by usage of enough steep roof to run down snow itself and an automatic sprinkler system of well water. The construction concrete walls are used at a minimum and surrounded with heat insulations composed by timber frameworks. Considering of the severe winter climate, we put a radiative heater system with bricks in underfloor space with heat insulations and get the whole of house including kitchen and other utilities and bedrooms warm up In addition, we decided the windows position and length of eaves in order to get sunlight and insolation even with over two meters snow coverage.

As a result of them, we could design the spontaneous space in which concrete and wooden finishing are scattered under the big roof.

House in Takada – Building Information

Project Title: House in Takada
Architect: Iida archiship studio
Site area: 264.07 sqm
Total Floor area: 90.55 sqm
Location: Niigata prefecture, Japan
Program: residence
Completion date: Oct 2011
Address: Jyoetsu, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Photos: Ken’ichi Suzuki

House in Takada images / information from Iida archiship studio

Location:Jyoetsu, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

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House in Takada

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