Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo

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Harumi Residential Tower

Contemporary Apartments in Tokyo, Japan: Residence – design by Richard Meier & Partners

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Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo

Location: Harumi Chuo-ku City, Tokyo, Japan

Design: Richard Meier & Partners

Richard Meier & Partners Completes the First of Two Harumi Residential Towers in Tokyo

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Richard Meier & Partners is proud to announce the completion of the first Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo, Japan. Prominently positioned in Harumi Chuo-ku City in Tokyo and adjacent to the site of the 2020 Olympic Village the development is the first residential project in Japan by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Situated on the waterfront promenade of Tokyo Bay the project is a focal point for the Harumi district. As one of the largest and most prestigious undertakings of the Mitsubishi Jisho Residence, the Harumi Residential Towers is intended to reflect Mitsubishi’s commitment to the international and dynamic cityscape of metropolitan Tokyo.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Dukho Yeon, Partner-in-Charge, comments: “We were very fortunate to collaborate with an excellent client with clear vision and goals. Our Firm is thrilled to contribute to the contemporary architecture of Tokyo, an international megalopolis with a very specific sense of order beyond compare.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

The Harumi Towers are very much part of this urban context. Although they are visually the same in massing, the residential towers are conceptualized as siblings with two unique designs each with its own character, image and movement, in dialogue and harmony with one another. The designs speak beyond their immediate constraints to engage a timeless narrative of context and building, tradition and innovation, architectural expression and symbolism captured in their details and the textures.”

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

C1 is the first residential tower to be completed with 883 apartments and 49 stories. The second tower expected to be completed in April 2016 will have 861 apartments and will also be 49 stories tall. Some of the amenities that are shared by the residents of the towers include a terrace garden, a café lounge, special rooms for events, a fitness center, library and guest rooms. At equal heights of 170 meters tall, the towers capitalize on expansive views of the Harumi Canal stretching off into the horizon.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Richard Meier comments: “Having the opportunity to work with the Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Company and the Kajima Corporation on the Harumi Residential Towers has enabled us to continue our exploration and the development of our residential projects.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

This new project in Tokyo is comprised of two towers, but, perhaps more important a large-scale public space that will serve the neighborhood and connect it to a magnificent promenade at the bay. This will be a profound link between the domestic and urban scales, and the towers will become a gateway to the city creating a sense of place for all the citizens of Tokyo and Japan.”

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Oriented North-South as a response to urban planning requirements, the towers create an exceptionally open atmosphere of sky and seascape with views of many significant urban landmarks including the Rainbow Bridge. The Harumi Residential Towers provide a clear expression of form, space and texture using natural materials, light and reflection. The design is the result of a meticulous process of artistic craft and expression that is in harmony with its cultural, architectural and environmental context.

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo – Building Information

Major Building Materials: Reinforced concrete, insulated glass, metal panels, stone/ wood flooring, custom aluminum louvers and guardrail profiles and custom specialty glass
Program: 1744 residential apartments with various amenity spaces
Building Height: 170 meters
Floors: 49 Residential | 2 Amenities | Automated Central Core Parking
Site Area: 29,880 sqm
Floor Area: 196,200 sqm gross total
Design Partners: Richard Meier and Dukho Yeon
Project Architect: Carlo Balestri
Project Team: Tetsuhito Abe, Kevin Baker, Remy Bertin, Guillermo Murcia, Takumi Nakagawa, Hans Put,
Amalia Rusconi-Clerici, Sangmin You
Owners: Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co. Ltd. (Mitsubishi Estate Group) in partnership with Kajima Corporation
Associate Architect: Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. (MJS)

Harumi Residential Tower Tokyo

Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo images / information from Richard Meier & Partners

Location:Tokyo, Japan ‘

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Harumi Residential Tower in Tokyo

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