Cin Cin Cocktail Bar in Cuneo

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Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

Interior Design in Piedmont, Italy – design by atelier qbe3, architects

7 Jan 2016

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar in Cuneo

Design: atelier qbe3, Architects

Location: Cuneo, Piedmont, north west Italy

CIN CIN Bar has always been a historic landmark for happy our time in Cuneo. After a short period of closure, Cin Cin comes back with a renewed concept and unique design.”

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

Freedom, adaptability, quality and courtesy are the keywords that inspired the new design. The aim of the revision was to create a new format, fresh, young, able to define an aggregation space for all those who love to have fun and socialize.

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

The interior design is not a simple “change of clothes”, but an exercise in composition, to give new meaning to the concept of the bar.

Everything starts with the discovery and rediscovery of Cin Cin term, the most common exclamation in Italy at the time of the toast. Its origins are Chinese, and its meaning is “please, please”.

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

This expression was used among sailors in Canton (the largest city coast in southern China) as a form of friendly and playful greeting. Afterwards this expression has been exported to European ports.

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

The guideline has been to transform the bar in a “port”, a meeting place of social and cultural exchange.
Designing not only the outline for overlays, but the interior space by volumes subtraction has been the basic philosophy to design.

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

Cin Cin bar is generated from wooden boxes (typical port packaging in the past).

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

The boxes move through space, they touch the existing walls, they surround it, compress it, penetrate it.
Inside this boxes there are 20,000 transparent plastic bottles.

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

In the evening hours, thanks to a lights automation system inside the wooden boxes, the Cin Cin comes to life.
16 million colors lights follow the music and light reflection/refraction games producing a unique show, amazing for visitors.

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar in Cuneo – Building Information

Location: Cuneo (CN), Piemonte, Italy
Year: 2015
Type: Interior Design
Status: Realized
Total Area: 40 sqm
Architects: atelier qbe3
Team: Francesco Badoero, Stefano William Costa, Valentina Garis
Project Title: Cin Cin Cocktail Bar
Lighting Project: Dario Defilippi, Guido Casella

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar

Cin Cin Cocktail Bar in Cuneo information / images received from atelier qbe3 Architects

Cuneo is a city and comune in Piedmont, Northern Italy, the capital of the province of Cuneo

Location:Cuneo, Italy

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Cin Cin Cocktail Bar in Cuneo

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