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Arezzo Law Court : Tuscany Architecture

Contemporary Italian Court Building – design by Studio Nicoletti Associati

29 Feb 2008

New Arezzo Law Court



Design: Studio Nicoletti Associati

Arezzo Law Court

Near the Medici’s Fortress, inside an historical park, the new building houses the main courtrooms and the Hall of Justice President headquarter and is linked to a neoclassical building, once a large hospital, to be restored and used for offices and archives. The design of the New Wing, symbolises its environment: the rich vegetation of the park and the city’s medieval structure, which was protected by a belt of conch walls on one side and, on the other, open to the squares, gardens and the territory.

Arezzo Law Court Arezzo Law Court Arezzo Law Court Arezzo Law Court

Also the New Wing is enclosed on the North side by a coved wall of flamed black granite slabs dark-grey tone. To the South, an undulating transparent sunscreen façade of stainless steel is shaped according to a geometrically warped geometry which is characteristics of the skin of many living creatures, including leaves. Those complex curvilinear forms can be built using only rectilinear elements.

Thus, a silver bioclimatic foliage protects the interior spaces by a luminous shadow and blends with the park without clashing with the neoclassical nearby architectural elements. In the interior spaces, the astonishing reflection of the mirror-like polished black granite floor is contrasting with the greenish glazed envelop and the horizontal acoustic grey panel separated by narrow maple fascias.

New Arezzo Law Court architect : Studio Nicoletti Associati

Arezzo Law Court – Building Information

IAA International Award
With: F. Pagliano Tajani
Structures: M. Mele
Layout: M. Valentini
Services: E.N.E.T.E.C.
Fire protection: A. e A. Sorrento
Q.S.: R. Postorino
Work supervision: A. Sorrento

New Arezzo Law Court images / information from Studio Nicoletti Associati

Location:Arezzo, Italy

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Arezzo Law Court Building

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