Sky Garden in Istanbul

Sky Garden Istanbul, Suspended Garden Turkey, Turkish Urban Realm Architecture Images

Sky Garden in Istanbul

Turkish Public Realm Development: Suspended Garden in Turkey – design by SO? Architecture and Ideas

8 Jan 2017

Sky Garden, Istanbul

Design: SO? Architecture and Ideas

Location: Ortaköy Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is an interactive suspended garden.

Sky Garden is a suspended garden in Ortaköy Square which is one of the most touristic and busiest squares in Istanbul. Putting a garden on the ground in such a congested area would reduce the walkable surface and make the square even more dense.

Sky Garden in Istanbul

Photos © yerçekim

Instead, the designers proposed to hang the garden while keeping the ground still accessible. This interactive garden with assorted plants, provides seating and shadow.

Sky Garden in Istanbul

The designers used the existing slab in the square as a base for the new garden which will also serve as a canopy made of pots during sunny days. This garden with assorted plants, provides seating and shadow as well, during the flower festival.

Sky Garden in Istanbul

Being suspended, the garden acts as a roof which people can stay under and watch Bosphorus. Just like a tree with different branches, the garden flies between the sky and the Bosphorus with each pot, while the pulley system lets the pots go down for a closer look of visitors.

Sky Garden in Istanbul

The designers consider public installations as a tool to question the architect’s power over design. When the visitor is being able to change the installation, architect is no longer able to control the form, up to a certain point.

Sky Garden in Istanbul

For SO? Architecture and Ideas, it is a challenging experience to expand the borders of control even with small gestures like in this project, while the installation urges to transform an established public space.

Sky Garden Istanbul

Sitting units are attached to the structure so that visitors can sit and relax under the shadow of the hanging plants.

Sky Garden Istanbul

The main module structure is made of 50x50x3mm steel profiles. Each module size is 250x250x435cm. It is a very lightweight structure that can be easily assembled.

Sky Garden Istanbul

The mechanism that lets the hanging pots move up and down, is a simple pulley system. Since the pots are equally weighted, they remain aligned when in balance.

Sky Garden Istanbul

If a visitor pulls one of the pots to look at the plant closer, than the equivalent pot is lifted. The pots are made of textile bags. Marine plywood is used for the sitting benches.

Sky Garden Istanbul Sky Garden Istanbul Sky Garden Istanbul Sky Garden Istanbul

Sky Garden in Istanbul – Building Information

Name of work in English: Sky Garden
Name of work in original language: Havai Bahçe
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Year completed: 2016 (Year began 2016)
Studio: SO? Architecture and Ideas
Authors: Sevince Bayrak (1983 Turkey); Oral Goktas (1982 Turkey)
Landscape architect: Zeynep Hagur
Program: Ephemeral – Cultural & Social
Labels: Installation
Total area: 100m2
Usable floor area: 56m2
Cost: 75€/m2
Client: Municipality of Beşiktaş, Istanbul
Client Type: public
Map: LatLng: (41.047141933410366, 29.02744266203854)

Sky Garden in Istanbul Nominated for Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards

Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Nominations

Location:Ortaköy, Istanbul, Turkey ‘

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Sky Garden in Istanbul Building

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