Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Parkorman Istanbul, Turkish Park Design, Landscape Architecture Images

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Recreational Development in Turkey – design by Dror, Architects

17 Mar 2017

Parkorman Masterplan Design in Istanbul

Design: Dror, Architects

Location: Istanbul, Western Turkey

Masterplan for Istanbul’s Parkorman Unveiled

Designing a love story between people and nature in a city with no central park.

Dror is excited to announce Parkorman as a Finalist for the 2017 Architizer A+ Awards. Vote for it before March 30th.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Existing green spaces in Istanbul are few and far between. When considering the approach for a park located six miles north of the city center, we asked ourselves: how do we draw strangers-to-nature to this destination?

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

We set out to create a park that dissolves the anxiety and fear that often accompanies an unfamiliar environment through a network of conditions that fosters unconditional love. We imagined the most profound experience delivered through the lightest touch; an effort that preserves the lush forest and leaves every tree in place, as mandated by the city.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Our masterplan for Parkorman is a web of possibilities; a living system of places for visitors to explore. Instead of dictating one’s path through the park, visitors write their own experience. Numerous non-linear pathways, like calligraphy, weave through the existing woodland, surprising people with unexpected discoveries along their journey.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Five main zones, each with their own distinct qualities, are designed to provoke emotion. The Plaza, at the entrance of the park, presents nature as a place for collective experience and gathering. Interaction and play are encouraged through a series of interventions spread throughout: swings and hammocks sway above the bed of the forest (The Loop); giant ball pits, inspired by Turkish spice markets, invite people to dive in (The Pool); a footpath floats above the ground and twists around tree trunks into giant loops with trampolines at the center (The Chords).

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

The Grove, a maze-like trail pollinated with sculptures that relate to the landscape, spurs exploration, while The Fountain of Clarity, a cube-shaped frame that sends water down all four sides and opens via hydraulic piston to envelop oncomers, prompts reflection.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Through the sum of these experiences, a more intimate relationship between landscape and being is forged, and nature is reintegrated into the city’s harsh urban lifestyle.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Dror, 526 West 26th Street, #1015, New York, NY 10001

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Location:Parkorman, Istanbul, Turkey ‘

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Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul

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