Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Brom Building Neot Hovav, Architecture, AICL Israel, Images

Brom Building, Neot Hovav

AICL @ Ramat Hovav: Southern Israeli Architecture – design by architect Miron Sorin

27 Mar 2017

Brom Building, Neot Hovav

Design: Miron Sorin, from Miron Sorin Architects, Beer-Sheva

Location: Ramat Hovav – industrial zone south of the town of Beer-Sheba, Southern Israel

Control room and corporate offfices building for AICL chemicals company.

“Brom” Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Built on a very limited plot inside the huge industrial compound of “Brom” company, (a subsidiary of “Israel Chemicals” company), the building is delimitating itself from the close plant installations.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

The two upper floors host plant’s main command and control room and management offices. The ground floor lobby is meant to host a permanent display of company’s products and activity, with a multimedia sculptural panel in the center and glass panels walls cover.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

The only available location for the project was situated between an existing, minimal green area and an old, one floor personnel social building. Keeping both the green area (the only one on the compound) and the existing building, was at a self-imposed design precondition.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

In order to achieve this, building’s upper floors are suspended over the front lawn and over the rear existing building. The result is two 850 sqm upper floors above 500 sqm ground level lobby.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

The harsh desert climate environment and the industrial neighborhood imposed limited openings size and acoustic design for the upper floors. The lobby has wide, shaded structural glazing walls.

Brom Building, Neot Hovav, Israel

Brom Ramat Hovav – Building Information

Building Phase: concrete structure
Estimated completion date: September, 2017
Design: Miron Sorin Architects
Location: Neot Hovav Industrial Area (South of Beer-Sheba), Southern Israel
Project size: 2300 sqm

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Brom Building, Neot Hovav

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