Lunar Complex Loshan, Iranian Olive Market Building, Retail, Gas Station, Images

Lunar Complex Loshan Building

Contemporary Architecture in Iran Plateau – design by Habibeh Madjdabadi Architects

6 Jan 2018

Lunar Complex Loshan

Architects: Habibeh Madjdabadi

Location: Loshan, Iran

Lunar Complex Loshan Building, Iranian Plateau

This integrated retail and accommodation center-cum-fuel station is located alongside a road connecting Ghazvin to Rasht at the heart of an arid and hot region of the Iranian Plateau.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

Habibeh Madjdabadi’s ‘lunar complex’ occupies an area of 45000 m2 and the footprint of the building occupies just 7500 m2.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

The complex includes a petrol station, accommodation, restaurant, car park, and retail shops for the local handicrafts and food products. The project in loshan valley is conceived as a land-art, panoramic terrace and bazaar

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

The zoomorphic form with lunar skyline of iranian based architect Habibeh Madjdabadi‘s ‘lunar complex’ has to do with the morphology of the land and with the vernacular architecture of the hot and arid zones of central iran. Although apparently the building is not following any kind of consolidated typology, its special organization and the nozzle-shape skylights, recalls the traditional bazaars.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

The climbable roof is a common feature of the autochthonous architecture. In the historical districts, the roofs form a sort of public plaza where the people gather and walk from one house to another.

The entrance is an important part of the building. it is a place of transition and according to the climate-based traditions, it should be vast and shaded.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

In this building, the entrance is obtained by the roof surface downward flexion. The architect has made sparing use of the openings. habibeh madjdabadi asserts, ‘I design shadows, rather than light’.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

For the last thousand years, iranian architects have treated the facade in such way to create shadows on the outer skin, and to modulate the natural light entering the indoor spaces.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

In the traditional bazaars, the spot skylights are arranged linearly to organize the internal space and facilitate orientation. Here in a similar way, the light coming from the top, organizes the internal space.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

The color and finishing texture of habibeh madjdabadi’s ‘lunar complex’ is in harmony with the
surrounding ground. The main material is pigmented concrete, but resembles a natural material such as kahgel — clay and straw.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

Lunar Complex Loshan – Building Information

Project Name: LUNAR Complex, Iranian Olive Market
Location: LOSHAN, IRAN
Use: retail, accommodation, fuel station
Area: 10000 ㎡
Structure / Material: pigmented concrete
Max. Height: building height 12 m, dome height: 24 m
Landscape Area: 45000 ㎡
Parking Lot: 300 cars
Architects / Designer: Habibeh Madjdabadi
Project Team (modeling and presentation): kianoosh dehkordi, aria bejravani, arman mortezaee
Text by: Kamran Afshar Naderi

Lunar Complex Loshan building design

Lunar Complex Loshan building design

Lunar Complex Loshan building design

Lunar Complex Loshan images / information received 060118

Location: Loshan, Iran

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