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13 Aug 2019
Hello Wood 10th International Summer University and Festival, Vigántpetend, Csórompuszta
Design: Students from 70 countries & 50 universities
Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival Brugga
photo © Tamás Bujnovszky

Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival 2019
Hello Wood celebrated its 10th Summer School and Festival with ‘new tribe’ of international architects and 20 projects.

28 Feb 2019
Veres Residence, Budapest
Design: István Bényei – B13 architect Ltd
Veres Residence in Budapest
photo : Zsolt Batár

Veres Residence
This new luxury house and garden is suitable for a family of two children, is on a suburban lot with beautiful western-facing panoramic views.

17 Aug 2018
Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival
Hello Wood Cabin Fever designs
photo © Tamás Bujnovszky
Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival in Hungary
At this year’s Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival students got the chance to build seven contemporary cabins. The seven tiny houses built in a week’s time under the theme Cabin Fever, include a wool-lined single cabin retreat, a party clubhouse for your friends, and a cabin on stilts.

10 May 2018
Central European University – Phase 1, Budapest
Design: O’Donnell + Tuomey, Ireland
Central European University - Phase 1
photo © Tamás Bujnovszky

RIBA Awards for International Excellence 2018
A part-new, part-refurbished university campus connecting two of four buildings on the site. The design diagram draws upon Budapest’s vernacular and sits neatly within the city’s sensitive historical context to skilfully knit together several buildings in an internal sequence of spaces and routes

22 Jan 2017
A Table is a Parliament, Csorompuszta
Design: Martial Marquet, Nicolas Polaert & Vojta Nemec, Architects
A Table is a Parliament
image : Jesus Sanchez

A Table is a Parliament, Hungary
You can sit down by the table at the lower level of the arena structure, share food with others and welcome visitors. It fosters inclusivity, diversity and demonstrates the ritual of welcoming. Here everyone is welcome at the table and welcome to join in the debate. The project aims to rethink the archetypal amphitheatre space.

8 Aug 2016
Campus in Kecskemét, Bács-Kiskun, central Hungary
Design: Lima Design – Zoltan Madosfalvi, Ördög Alíz
Campus in Kecskemet
images : Zoltan Madosfalvi, Ördög Alíz

Campus in Kecskemet, Hungary
This Campus is innovative, with lot of new technology. The shape of the buildings is in a modern organic form, including the special blind system, that connects into the intelligent electrical system. That’s why the facade of the buildings is always different depending on the sun.

17 Apr 2015
Floating Blocks House in Budapest
Design: Tóth Project Architect Office
Floating Blocks House in Budapest
photograph : Tamás Bujnovszky

Floating Blocks House in Budapest
One-family houses, cottages as a style mean a serious challenge for the customer families and the authorized architects as well. The ground-plan layout and the functional connections should get special attention since they should reflect the habits of the family members as their living spaces. After them the other aspects like façade, design should be considered.

16 Apr 2015
Holiday Cottage in Kapuvár
Design: Tóth Project Architect Office
Holiday Cottage in Kapuvár
photograph : Tamás Bujnovszky

Holiday Cottage in Kapuvár
The architects imagined a house which is an organic part of its environment, soundly communicating with it. It has a simple form, ground-plan, materials. Indeed, the building is a matchbox standing on one side of it which is pierced through in the middle.

28 Aug 2014
Long Brick House, Pilisborosjeno, Pest County
Design: Foldes Architects
Long Brick House in Hungary property
photo : Levente Sirokai

Long Brick House in Hungary
The project initiated by an intellectual couple with a large book collection. The owners of the site had found the best location to retire from work and the noise of Budapest in a rich natural environment, at the side of the Big-Proud Peak.

18 Mar 2014
Sauflon Centre of Innovation, Gyal, Pest County
Design: Foldes Architects
Sauflon Centre Of Innovation 1
image : Tamas Bujnovszky

Sauflon Centre of Innovation
The ethereal centre of innovation project, unveiled in Hungary, stands for the mutual inspiration of science, technology and art. A twenty four meter passage surrounded by the reflections of reflections. Foldes Architects involved a glass sculptor to compose the illusion effects engaging the visual notion of all visitors.

13 Sep 2013
Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center, Celldomolk, Vas County
Design: Foldes Architects
Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center in Hungary
photo : Tamas Bujnovszky

Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center Building
Though Hungary, located in Central Eastern Europe, is not rich in active volcanos, a large expanse of the country used to be volcanic some 5 million years ago. However, this does help ensure good quality soil for high level wine production, one of Hungary’s largest export products.

5 Jul 2013
Sóskút Residence
Design: Budapesti Mühely
H House in Sóskút Hungary
photo : Tamas Bujnovszky

H House
The 3 hectare-site is located 20 km from Budapest at the end of a small village. The 196 sqm building stands on the edge of the flat part of the land facing to the forest on the sloping part.

4 Jul 2013
Weekend House, Kovagoszolos
Design: Borsos Ágnes
Weekend House in Kovagoszolos
photo : Akos Matetelki

Weekend House in Hungary
Kovágószolos has been identified as the part of the most ancient opened up settlement in the Pécs region so far. A 4000 years old soil-built Celtic castle proves that it has been a popular settlement among inhabitants since ancient times.

4 Apr 2013
New Generation Headquarters, Zanka, western Hungary (noth shore of Lake Balaton)
Design: Modum Építésziroda KFT
New Generation Centre Hungary Building
photos : Tamas Bujnovszky

New Generation Centre Building in Zanka
The main building of Zanka’s New Generation Headquarters was originally built in the 1970s. Its 7-storey high tower represents a Modernist approach and was built in the Internationalist style typical of the period. Its simple, limestone-covered cube was a dominant item of the seasonally changing region of Balaton-Highlands.

21 May 2012
Free Form Buildings 03, Nagykovácsi
Design: Portik Adorján
Free form new house in Hungary
image from architects

Hungarian House Design
It contains – next to the living area – four bedrooms, two bathrooms and the atelier. The internal spaces are arranged in the living area in a high ground-floor – above which is positioned the restaurateur atelier – the bedrooms and the service areas arranged on two levels, divided by generations.

11 Apr 2011
Villa in Szentendre
Architect: Lajos Kuknyó / Architema
Villa in Szentendre, Hungary
photos : Tamas Bujnovszky

Villa in Szentendre
Set some way outside the urban agglomeration of Budapest, 20 km from the capital, sits the villa in its semi-rural context. The slightly sloping site has a south-easterly aspect, lying at the foot of the Szarvas-hegy (meaning Deer-hill). Its fabulous panorama is crowned by the view of the river Danube.

30 Jul 2010
Hotel Balneum, Tiszafüred
Architect: Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects
Hotel Balneum Tiszafüred accommodation in Hungary
image Courtesy architecture office

Hotel Balneum
The idea of the architect was to endow the building with a modern and aesthetic appearance using traditional local materials. That’s why light plaster was selected together with ceramic roof tiles and plenty of wood – for terraces, for pergolas and for shields. Thanks to the flood forests – in this part of the country wood has always been available for building village houses.

23 Nov 2010
Pannonhalma Visitors Center Hungary, Győr-Moson-Sopron county, western Hungary
Architect: RS | Roeleveld – Sikkes Architects
Pannonhalma Visitors Center Hungary Building
photographs : Tamás Bujnovszky, János Szentiváni, Hans Molenkamp

Pannonhalma Visitors Center
The award-winning design of RS | Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects, based in Budapest and The Hague, emphasizes on improving the union between the various buildings of the monastery. The Pannonhalma monastery has been a beacon for culture and crafts for over a thousand years.

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30 Jul 2010
UNIQA Budapest
Architect: Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects
UNIQA Budapest, Hungary Offices building
photograph : Istvan Oravecz

UNIQA Budapest Building
The new head office is located close to the previous one at the junction of two important traffic arteries in District XIII, Lehel út and Róbert Károly körút. The office building was constructed by property developer Raiffeisen Evolution in 22 months.

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