Kiosk at Ravelijn in Bergen op Zoom

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Kiosk at Ravelijn in Bergen op Zoom

Public Facilities and Information Point in The Netherlands – design by RO&AD Architecten

7 Jul 2016

Kiosk at Ravelijn in Bergen op Zoom

Design: RO&AD Architecten

Location: Bergen op Zoom, NL

Kiosk at Ravelijn

Kiosk at Ravelijn

The Ravelijn “Op den Zoom” is a fort-island of the city of Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands which is made in the beginning of the 18th century by Menno van Coehoorn, a famous fort builder. This is the only “ravelijn” of him still present. The island sits just outside of the former center of the city. At the end of the 19th century the fortress lost its defensive function. Nowadays the island-fort is mainly used for small public and private events.

Kiosk at Ravelijn

Kiosk at Ravelijn

Kiosk at Ravelijn

The assignment
The assignment was to make a kiosk with public toilets and an information point on the Ravelijn

Kiosk at Ravelijn

Kiosk at Ravelijn

The fort is made of a brick foundation with earth walls on top. The earth walls surround the fort on all sides. But the wall at the side of the city is not an original one. In times of war this one was not necessary, because there was no attack expected from that side. We used exact that not historic earth wall to make the kiosk in it. It sits on the side and it’ s incorporated in the fort. We made 2 entrances, one for each toilet. The information point is accessible through those entrances.

Kiosk at Ravelijn

Kiosk at Ravelijn

In the information point there is a glass roof to provide daylight. There is a big horizontal, gas-spring operated hatch at the front.

The kiosk is made entirely out of Accoya

Kiosk at Ravelijn

The Ravelijn Bridge in Holland – Building Information

Architect: RO&AD Architecten, Bergen op Zoom, Middelburg, The Netherlands
Design team: Ro Koster, Ad Kil, Martin van Overveld
Commisioner, City Council of Bergen op Zoom
Structural Engineer: Lüning, Doetinchem, The Netherlands
Contractor: Heijmans, The Netherlands
construction time: 4 months, finished March 2015
Function: Public toilets and a coffee/information counter

Kiosk at Ravelijn

Photographer: Bastiaan Musscher

Kiosk at Ravelijn in Bergen op Zoom images and text by RO&AD Architecten

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Location:Bergen op Zoom, NL ‘

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