Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel, Holland – New Dutch Waterline

Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel Holland, Culemborg Landscape Design, New Dutch Waterline

Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel : New Dutch Waterline

Landscape project, Lek dike – Culemborg, Netherlands – design by Rietveld Landscape | Atelier de Lyon

15 Aug 2012

Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel

Design: Rietveld Landscape | Atelier de Lyon

Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg
photo : Rob ‘t Hart

Fort “Werk aan ‘t Spoel” is a national monument dating from 1794. Part of the New Dutch Waterline – a military defense line making use of intentional flooding – it served to protect one of the inundation locks.

Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg
photos : Rob ‘t Hart

The municipality of Culemborg and Foundation Werk aan ‘t Spoel would like to see the derelict fort become a public attraction. In its new function, the fort and a yet to be built fort house should be able to accommodate a wide variety of events and activities initiated by the inhabitants of Culemborg. Rietveld Landscape | Atelier de Lyon have translated these ambitions into a cohesive design in which the former inundation lock is referred to as well.

Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg
photos : Rob ‘t Hart

The design takes its inspiration from the fort’s rich past without historicizing it. It can be understood as an enormous grass sculpture integrating both new and historical elements such as the bunkers, the bombproof buildings and an amphitheatre. The project brings together several local and regional activities; as such, it forms an example of a new type of public domain and has the potential to become one of the most important attractions of the New Dutch Waterline.

Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg
photos : Rob ‘t Hart

Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel – Information

Client: municipality of Culemborg
Designers: Rietveld Landscape | Atelier de Lyon in collaboration with Anouk Vogel
Architect Fort house: MONK
Military historian: Douwe Koen
Photographer: Rob ‘t Hart
Location: Lek dike – Culemborg
Status: completion Autumn 2011

Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg
images from Rietveld Landscape

Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel Project images / information from Rietveld Landscape

Location:Halsteren, Netherlands ‘

Rietveld Landscape

Studio Profile

Rietveld Landscape was founded by landscape architect Ronald Rietveld after he won the Prix de Rome Architecture 2006. In 2003 he graduated cum laude from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

From its start economist and philosopher Erik Rietveld (Harvard University) and Atelier de Lyon have been part of the studio’s core team. Moreover, according to the specific needs of each project Rietveld Landscape collaborates with external designers and specialists.

Many of our projects deal with large current developments such as floods, vacancy, extreme rainfall and drought, ecology and sustainability, infrastructure, and the changing meaning of public space. Our interventions add a new and understandable layer to the site’s specific history. The relevant scale of the project may vary from a square to a whole region.

Our design and research can be characterized by its specific approach. Sharp analyses followed by clear concepts form the basis of our strategic and sometimes radical interventions. These focus and use the forces of important existing developments and processes to generate a new context and meaning for qualities present. This design method creates new opportunities for landscape, architecture, urban design, the public domain, ecology, recreation, and economic activity.

Rietveld Landscape was curator of the Dutch pavilion for the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale. The office won both Dutch Design Awards in the category Architecture: best interior and best exterior 2011 as well as the Rotterdam Design Prize.

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Dutch Landscape Design
This project lays bare two secrets of the New Dutch Waterline (NDW), a military line of defence in use from 1815 until 1940 protecting the cities of Muiden, Utrecht, Vreeswijk and Gorinchem by means of intentional flooding.
A seemingly indestructible bunker with monumental status is sliced open. The design thereby opens up the minuscule interior of one of NDW’s 700 bunkers, the insides of which are normally cut off from view completely. In addition, a long wooden boardwalk cuts through the extremely heavy construction. It leads visitors to a flooded area and to the footpaths of the adjacent natural reserve.

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