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TRC House, Antiparos

Contemporary Greek homes – design by paan architects

1 Jun 2010

Antiparos Residence

Contemporary Greek Property

Design: paan architects

Location: Antiparos, Greece

Project TRC house

The site is located at the northeast coast of the island of Antiparos, in a mild and protected valley close to the beach “Leivadia”. Protection from the strong summer winds and the relationship to the beautiful view towards the sea, were principle design factors.

TRC house Antiparos house
images from architect

Our aim was to create a building well incorporated into its surroundings.

In order to deal with the natural slope of the ground we used the logic of the traditional terracing of the landscape.

Two parallel stone walls shape and support the house.

Parts of the building mass are extracted, creating voids that define in between spaces, courtyards, gardens and patios with different orientation, view and spatial qualities.

Since the access to the lot and the house is from above, the fifth facade of the house becomes very important. From the street the only visible built elements are the planted roof and the stone walls, a landscape formed with terraces.

Finally a white volume is placed on the planted roof, contrasting the natural materials and colors of the rest of the house and creating the illusion of being the only building on the site.

TRC house Antiparos – Building Information

Architects: Paan architects
Type Of Project: Holiday house
Structural Engineers: Christos Kaklamanis
Project Architect: Maria Papafigu, Johan Annerhed
Design Team: Maria Papafigu, Johan Annerhed, Anna Laskari, Elina Stylianidi, Aleksandra Kiszkielis
Client: Green Thumbs
Gross internal floor area: 360sqm
Project status: Under construction

Antiparos house images / information from Paan architects

Location: Antiparos, Greece

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