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Cartel Club – Restaurant Interior Greece

Larissa Project by Architect Christina Zerva

27 Nov 2009

Cartel Club Restaurant

Location: Larissa, Greece

Architect : Christina Zerva

Cartel Club Restaurant Cartel Club Restaurant Building Cartel Club Restaurant Larissa

Few words from the Architect:

In my search for a solution that is silence, peace, without anything that has a demand on us, I came across the white, the glass and transparent surfaces. Leaving only space. Surrounded by layers and fabrics coming out of nowhere. In order to wake up its character, bring it to life. Lighting slowly enters to complete the final touch. We end up in a space with colours where originally there is no colour, where movement comes out of stillness, feelings from silence and transparency.

Cartel Club Restauraunt Greek Building in Larissa Cartel Club Restauraunt Larissa Larissa Restaurant Building Cartel Club Greek Restaurant

Cartel Club Restaurant – Building Information

Location: Larissa, Greece
Project: Club Restaurant
Name: Cartel
Architect: Christina Zerva
Owner: Yannis Zotiris, Babis Koukouravas
Leading engineer: Panayiotis Xondros
Lighting designer: Dimitris Nasikas

Photographer: Mihajlo Savic

Larissa Project by Architect Christina Zerva Larissa Building by Architect Christina Zerva Larissa design by Architect Christina Zerva Larissa Architecture by Architect Christina Zerva

Cartel Club Restaurant Larissa images / information from Architect Christina Zerva

Location: Larissa, Greece

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Today Larissa is the fifth largest Greek city with many squares, taverns and cafes. It has three public hospitals with one being military hospital. It hosts the Hellenic Air Force Headquarters and NATO Headquarters in Greece. It has a School of Medicine and the School of Biochemistry – Biotechnology the third largest in the country Institute of Technology. It occupies the first place among Greek cities into green coverage rate per square-metre urban space. It also has two public libraries and three museums.

Restaurant Interior

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