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Strasbourg Architecture

Contemporary Grand Est Architectural Developments in eastern France: New French Buildings, Europe

27 + 25 Mar 2017

Strasbourg Buildings News

Recent Grand Est Building Designs, chronological:

New Public Infrastructure, Kehl – located across the River Rhine from Strasbourg
Design: J. MAYER H. Architects
New Public Infrastructure, Kehl by J Mayer H
image courtesy of architects

New Public Infrastructure in Kehl
As part of the new transnational tram line crossing the Rhine river from Strasbourg, France into Kehl, Germany, J.MAYER.H designed bus and tram stops at the central square in Kehl as sculptural compositions based on organic shaped discs. The different elements are flexible in incorporating various programmatic needs and evoke images of “Rheinkiesel” or the “Rhine Pebbles”.

7 Feb 2013
Strasbourg – Kehl Zollhofareal, France / Germany – international competition win
Design: LIN
Strasbourg - Kehl design
image from architects

Strasbourg – Kehl Zollhofareal Competition
Since the early 2000s the two cities have been reinforcing their ties in a process aiming to establish a European transborder metropolis along the Rhine River. The design proposal is at the same time a vision to reunite the two cities/countries around the river and a framework for the urbanization of the site.

Strasbourg Building – Recent Design

Cathedral Fold
Design: Axis Mundi Design
Strasbourg Cathedral building
picture from Axis Mundi Design

Cathedral Building in Strasbourg

Location: east of France, near German border

Strasbourg Buildings

Key Architectural Projects, alphabetical:

André Malraux Library
Design: Jean Marc Ibos Myrto Vitart

Hoenheim Nord Terminus
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Hoenheim Nord Terminus
image from architect

Hoenheim Nord Terminus Strasbourg

European Court of Human Rights

Design: Richard Rogers Partnership

The European Parliament
Design: AS.Architecture-Studio
European Parliament building
picture from architects

European Parliament Strasbourg

New General Building of Council of Europe
Design: Art & Build Architect
Council of Europe Strasbourg
image from architect

Council of Europe Strasbourg

Zenith Music Hall
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas Architecture
Zenith Music Hall Strasbourg
photo : Moreno Maggi

Zenith Music Hall Strasbourg

More Strasbourg architecture online soon

Location:Strasbourg, France

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Pierre Vives Montpellier Project
Zaha Hadid
Montpellier building
picture from ZHA

The Phare
The Phare Paris
image from architect

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